Thursday, May 24, 2007

Greetings AC Milan, Sympathies Liverpool....

What a game it was this morning. AC Milan, the overwhelming favourites of the UEFA Champions League tournament did not disappoint us ('neutral fans') - AC Milan 2 - Liverpool 1. Strangely I wanted Liverpool to win - for English football. 3 teams (Man Utd, Chelsea & Liverpool) qualified for the semi-finals of the tournament, so I wanted the only surviving team to win it. But I guess, it went down to who were the better team. AC Milan played almost flawless football. There were occasional screw-ups, but they hung in there and played revenge-ful football. Being a neutral fan, I could see that AC Milan played so well, that they knew they were going to win it. It was a great night of football, but a sad night for English football.

Filippo Inzanghi! No one noticed Inzanghi until what he did on the 82nd minute. Now that is the prowess of a true striker. Being able to squeeze in the ball into the net from any angle. 2 goals from Pippo and it was heading to be a glorious night in Athens, until Dirk Kuyt scored a consolation. For a while, I thought Liverpool still had it. I was quietly hoping for an equaliser in the dying minutes of added time from Liverpool - possibly a magic header by Peter Crouch who was substituted into the team in the 78th min, but NOTHING HAPPENED! But for an ardent fan of the world's most loved game - it was night to be remembered.

The winner of this years' UEFA Champion League will win approximately $150 million in prize money, gate-receipts, endorsements and increase in player's value. So it will be interesting to see what happens in the summer transfer saga. Man Utd have more or less captured midfield-maestro Owen Hargreaves from Bayern Munich. It will be interesting to see the transfers as a lot of players will be moving to bigger clubs. Lets see what happens.

Till then, FAIRPLAY People!

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