Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easy Paths To Self Destruction

:) I am a huge fan of getting fit. I will do everything and anything it takes in order to lose some pounds, increase my metabolic rate or for that matter to increase muscular strength on my body. We have to a certain extent disregarded our health. We smoke, drink and eat junk food in excessive measures. Even, after we have been warned by our doctors, we do not take the advise seriously.

My friend Vickneswaran, affectionately known as Vicky hereafter, loves to eat. Well, he is not in any way overweight, but he has a very strong liking to food. Vicky has been advised by his doctor upon undergoing a medical check-up that the cholesterol level in his body is in dangerous zones. Now, you must understand that Vicky is merely 25 years old. What he needs to do is to take heed of the advise and take all the necessary steps to burn out the cholesterol and at the same time to eat healthily. He being a huge huge fan of mutton perratels and varuvels, I have advised him that he should take the doctors advice seriously and stop all that mutton for a while. What are the steps he can take in order to stabilise or rather lower his cholesterol levels? Working out, jogging, playing futsal at least once a week and most importantly eating more white meat and avoiding red meat, specifically mutton altogether. So, Vicky, all the best in your endeavour to getting yourself all fit and healthy again.

Now, for the rest of us, the excerpts of the article below should give us a reasonable guideline on what are the important factors that we should be concerned of in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Rocker Tommy Lee once said: "We're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time". Amen, Tommy. Many of us follow his lead every day by shunning the most basic principle of Darwinian evolution? Trying to survive? With food, toxins and reckless lifestyles. If you'd like to get in on the act, we present our easiest catalysts to self-destruction.

Sacrifice Sleep
Inadequate sleep (less than 7 or 8 hours a night) has been tied to many different health problems, including obesity, diabetes and cancer. Mental fatigue is also as big of a risk factor for vehicular accidents as alcohol. And just think of all the time you'd have for destructive behavior if you shunned the zzz's altogether!

Ignore The Doctor
Many agree that their health is hardly worth finding thirty minutes among 526,000 for that once-per-year physical exam. It's a good tactic if early disease detection and important medical consultation are going to get in the way of your Tommy Lee lifestyle. If you don't want to hear the doctor tell you our other tips for self-destruction are unhealthy, just don't go.

Dumb Down Your Brain
Reading, doing crosswords and tackling sudokus are all risky behaviors if you're looking to avoid Alzheimer's. The degenerative brain disease attacks almost everyone who lives long enough, though mind games and puzzles are known to ward off the effects. So get your mind active - challenge it to all sorts of mental activity.

Have A Lot Of Sex
Most people agree that sex in itself isn't so bad, it's how you do it that could mean life or death. The smart self-destructor doesn't use protection, ignores the partner's sexual history and shuns the annual medical exam. Twelve million Americans contract sexually transmitted diseases every year, many of which can leave the victim infertile. Killing yourself and preventing new births: there’s a two-fer!

Drive A Lot
If people wanted to increase their chance of surviving 'til a ripe old age, they'd fly everywhere'. Driving kills more people aged 1 to 35 than anything else, a statistic that could drop to near zero if everyone just stayed home. But how fun would that be? So hit the road, forget the speed limit, yak on your cell phone? Or worse, eat? And don't buckle up if you're anxious to become part of this popular statistic.

Drink A Lot
The occasional drink of alcohol, especially wine, can be beneficial to your health, many studies suggest. But if you're looking to do yourself in, overdo the two-drink-per-day limit and imbibe heartily. Besides alcoholism of course, too much booze causes liver damage, diabetes and is the root cause of nearly 100,000 deaths per year.

Stress Out
Creating more stress in your life is a great way to invite all kinds of diseases to attack the body. When you're chronically stressed, the adrenal glands are forced to work overtime and eventually exhaust themselves, inhibiting the immune system. So go ahead and worry about everything from the color of your socks to whether dinner will be ready on time. Your hormones won't know what hit them.

Watch TV
Not only is television entertaining, it can keep us on the couch for hours at a time several days per week. The average American spends a full 9 years of his life glued to the boob tube, years that could otherwise be spent exercising. Resist the urge! Being an obese, sedentary TV-addicted couch potato makes for speedy self-destruction, though you may be a little smarter (if you watch those nerdy science channels).

They don't call them cancer sticks for nothing: Tobacco-related illnesses are America's number two killer, and the most preventable. But if you're bent on putting the kibosh to healthy living, go ahead and light up; just one cigarette will immediately increase your blood pressure and decrease the circulation to your extremities. Imagine what you could do with a pack. Yup, I am in the process of giving it up altogether - not even trying to have them casual smokes.

Eat Junk
Last year, at least 400,000 Americans managed to kill themselves based almost solely on what they ate. Heart disease is the country's number one killer and, while some of that comes from genetics, most of it's due to the fat-laden, sugar-heavy junk we put in our bodies. Looking for the most effective, probably most enjoyable way to do yourself in? Have another doughnut. And make it cream-filled!

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