Sunday, March 15, 2009

Damn...Has It Been Long!

Hello everyone... How is everyone doing? Well, I have been really busy. A lot has been happening and I was not able to find the time to blog. Well, somehow, everything has fallen into its right places, I am back on track and well, what do you know, I am just eager to blog. Who wouldn't after a beating of a lifetime we (the Manchester United faithful) had to endure over the weekend. It was indeed a very memorable weekend.

What happened to the squad on Saturday? Well, that is a question every United fan is eager to know. As many of you know, I am a very unique Man Utd fan. I somehow have a soft spot for Liverpool. I get into a lot of s**t from the United faithful because of this, but I have to admit that Liverpool is a very special team. I have always been following their games. So, to the Pudlians, well done.

Now, going back to the game over the weekend - the result of 1-4 to the visitors would be deemed to be a thrashing to some ignorant football fans. However, I beg to differ. The way United played on Saturday cannot be used as a point of argument. We were not in the game at all. I could see United losing the duel even before the penalty was awarded to Gerard. I can bravely say that we were only in control of the game before the 40th minute. After that..... it was purely a 'kaifan show'. Let us not ponder over what should have been or who should have started in the first 11, but let us learn from this ever so painful, yet memorable lesson.

I had spoken to some of my dear Pudlians before the game and I mentioned that I do hope, this game becomes a turning point for United. Why? Being 7 points ahead with 1 game in hand (before the game on Saturday) and winning the game against the Reds would have only won us the League. Come on Devils, do we need to win the league to easily. We have done better before. To those of you (United faithfuls) who are very upset about the loss - remember - this is a team which has come back from being 5th in the League to win the League with 12 points from our nearest rival. I am very confident that this loss has totally changed the perception and attitude of the entire team. We are going to bounce back and bounce back with a vengeance. We are 'only' 4 point ahead with 1 game in hand (against Fulham). So, do I believe United has what it takes to win the League even after the humiliating defeat to the Pudlians at Old Trafford? Hell yeah! We will bounce back. Its been a freakin' long time, since I knew what it felt like to lose a game - like the way we lost - at Old Trafford. Now I know, and I know this sentiment is felt by the entire squad, particularly Wayne Rooney (I'm sure all of you know why).

So, let us not fret, but let us look ahead. We have a lot more coming our way. We will win at least a double this season (not including the World Club Cup which we have already won). I am a realist - some have said we have the capabilities of winning the entire lot - but realistically, a double is easily within our reach. Would I love a treble, of course I would, but are we mentally and physically able to win a treble? This is to be answered by every United fan out there.

Still and always - Glory Glory Man Utd!

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