Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Draw....Now?

A draw... and 2-2 at Old Trafford? Damn it! Now we have to go the Porto and win without allowing Porto to equalise. Seeing how well Porto played in the 1st half of the game early this morning, got me really worried. I can safely say, we were outplayed by Porto, well, at least until Rooney scored the equaliser. Then, I thought, yes, we have a strong chance of seeing them through - especially after Tevez scored in the 85th minute - I mean for an evening to go wrong, how wrong can it get? Well my friends, very wrong - a lack of focus just turned the entire game around and Porto equalised through Gonzalez in the 89th. How much more frustrating can it get? I do hope the weekend game against Black Cats will be a breezer. If it turns out to be otherwise, then we're in trouble. Yup, in serious trouble. So, till the game is over on Sat, lets keep our fingers and toes crossed. I mean come on, when you're leading 2-1 with 5 minutes left on the clock, you should see the game out. But no, we lose focus and allow them to score? No way, this cannot be the way we play. We should be able to win comfortable and when we're leading, we should not allow them to pass our defense that easily.

I do hope with the tie against Sunderland this weekend, we will gain our momentum to do better. I know I can't be hoping too much for the Mackems to falter. They will be playing the game of their lives, because any result, even a draw will be satisfactory for them. We have to win - nothing less than a win. I know a big win will strengthen us mentally. The young guns needs a win now, so that they will be further motivated to go all out against Porto on Wed.

So, to my dear Devils, don't worry. We will do well on Sat and on Wed.

Glory Glory Man Utd!

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Goutham said...

all the best to them....hope they lose thoug ;-)