Friday, April 17, 2009

Glory Glory Man Utd!

What a win it was at Porto? Sir Alex said, he is calling on the spirit of Turin that demolished the hopes of the Old Lady from advancing in the competition some 10 years ago when we won the unprecedented treble. Well, Sir Alex, what a time to call on the spirit of Turin. From the kick off of the 2nd leg of the quarters at Porto we were on course to the semi-finals against the Gunners. I will not deny that fact that the home team was hitting us on all cylinders, but I was truly amazed by the awesome display of the gutsy trio - Anderson, Ferdinand and Vidic. They were the very reason, the Porto forwards could hardly penetrate our defense. We did very well. I do hope we will continue this spirit in awesome fashion against the Gunners. I will not easily rule out the chances of Arsenal from qualifying to the finals. With the likes of Adebayor (back to his best) and Fabregas playing really well - especially in the game against Villareal - it will be tough. The semi-finals on the 5th of May at the Emirates will be a juicy affair - I know that much. It is an advantage espcially since the 2nd leg will be played at Old Trafford.

What a goal it was by Ronaldo in the 6th minute? I think it definitely deserves to be one of the best goals I have ever seen this season. 40 yards? Did you'll see the rocket shot from the No.7? He collected a lovely pass from Anderson, ran to the right and let it rip with a shot as brutally powerful as it was audacious in its intent. He should do more of this. Although by this time last season, he was already the leading scorer in all competitions, this goal could not have come at a better time than it did early last morning. Bravo Ronaldo! And please keep them coming.

It has been a while, since we won a game with a clean sheet. This is a good sign. I do hope we do well against Everton this Sunday at the FA Cup semis and the coming games against the Pompeys and Spurs (mid and end of next week). This is the very reason why, I never lose faith and never will I ever give up on my dear Red Devils. We have truly risen to the occasion. I had to put up with a lot of nonsense from the likes of the Pudlians and the ABU (Anything But United) fans - but let me tell you something my dear fans of football, who hardly know anything about Man Utd. Do not speak of the Devils until the season is over. The Pudlians were hard at proving a point when they beat us twice (with an aggregate of what, 5-1 or was it 6-1) - whatever the score - they're mission and objective in football is purely to beat Man Utd and not strive to achieve anything else. Sad, but true. As some of you may know, I am a very different Man Utd fan, I truly appreciate the beauty and the tradition of the LFC. In fact, in many occasions I have supported the Pudlians in their pursuit for glory (although none thus far). But they have continuously belittled my dear Devils. This ardent fan isn't shutting up any longer ;)

But to be fair, I do hope they win at least the Premier League this season - although it will be difficult, especially with Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal playing really well. But honestly, fellers, if Man Utd somehow slack in the upcoming games towards the closing of the season, I'd rather have Liverpool win it (the Premiership) than Chelsea or Arsenal. You guys have been playing really well throughout the season and you deserve that much - my opinion (my HONEST opinion). You can try for the UEFA Champions League next season ok, don't be disheartened.

Glory Glory Man Utd!

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