Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Man Utd....

Phew.... What a relief it was when the boys won it at Old Trafford over the weekend. It was a cruncher - I know that much. What a game it was? But to the football faithful, this is why we watch football. It was a game a pure entertainment. Man Utd played the way, Man Utd normally plays. Well, at least, the way they were playing all this while (before the losses to the Pudlians and the Cottagers). It was very refreshing to see how they entire game was turned around right after Villa socred the 2nd goal. I do hope we continue this winning way. It does feel lighter - for the heart ;) I know all my dear Pudlian supporters will be beaming with smiles as they read this line - huh, Kamal & Vick (Bald).

We have a very tough road ahead, especially with Liverpool, Chelsea and in fact Arsenal as well, playing really well thus far. We have to continue this stride. I do hope we continue to play better than how we played against Villa. I know we are capable of more and much more. It will be a good game against Porto tonight. Although they are tough opponents, I am rather confident we will survive this with a comfortable aggregate. I know this will not be won just like that - but we will fight till the end. We have the first leg at Old Trafford later tonight and of course the juicy Sunderland to meet this Saturday - but with the likes of Rooney, Vidic and Scholsey back, we should be in good shape to get the result we need. I do hope Sir Alex starts with our tireless runner Park JS as well. He will be able to bring a lot of energy to the game. With the line-up that I hope Sir Alex will start with I'm sure we will win.

By the way, have you guys seen this new teenager that scored on his debut for the Senior Devils last weekend? - Federico Macheda. What a goal he scored in the dying minutes of the game? This 17 year old will be a huge sensation in years to come. The boy has the strength, the right mental attitude and of course enormous skills to be a superstar one day. What a steal from Lazio, Sir Alex? Talking about Lazio, they're still pissed off that he was swooped under their noses. He was doing very well in the Under-18 matches that Sir Alex decided to try him out - and what a choice to feature him in such a crucial match. Well, I do hope this boy carries on doing what he does best and not be swayed away by the popularity and wealth that will befall him.

So, do wish us luck as we continue this ever so refreshing season. We had to lose against Liverpool and Fulham - now we will see the true Man Utd at work. I kept telling the United faithful, "chill, we still have 8 games to go - the others only have 7 more to go. This will be going down to the wire. Perseverance and consistency will be key to the team that wins the lot. It will be over-ambitious to say that we will win the lot, but to hold on to the Premiership is a reasonable goal. That is my goal for my team.

Glory Glory Man Utd!

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