Saturday, April 25, 2009


Came back to Melaka for the weekend. We (Tasha & I) were sorting out some items for the Wedding. Came back to purchase the cloth materials for the page boys and the bridemaids. We have purchased the ones for the flower girls, though. Anyway, after some more shopping at Mahkota Parade, we walked over to Dataran Pahlawan (a new mall in Melaka Raya). Upon finishing all the shopping for the day, we were both so tired. We came across this Thai Traditional Massage place, but it was really crowded. However, as I was just about to walk away, I saw another parlour. We went in and the prices were really reasonable. We paid RM120 for the both of us - with the purchase of 2 medicated oils each. It was a shoulder, back, neck and reflexology massage. It was really painful - I mean excruciating - when the masseuse was massaging me, but after that I felt really good. They gave the both of us a nice hot cup of ginger extract once we were done with the massage.

Tasha and I have decided to go for this everytime we come back to Melaka - at least once a month. It is very refreshing. The both of us were feeling so stressed with work and the wedding plans - but after the massage, we felt so good.

I will be driving Appa to Kluang tomorrow for his episcopal visit. Tasha won't be coming, she will have to babysit Beema. Oh yes, I did not tell you guys about Beema. Beema is Jay's (Tasha's friend) pup. We're babysitting him since he had to go back to Penang - Beema is too young to travel that far. We have our food tasting at the Hotel tomorrow. Hope it goes well.

But honestly, people, try the reflexology massage. It is so good. In fact there are some in KL as well, but I have not been to any in KL, I think Tasha has. But if you're coming to Melaka for a holiday, do tell, I'll hook you'll up ok. From what I heard, the nerves of our entire body ends at our feet. So the reflexology is really good for our entire body.

Have a great weekend. God bless.

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