Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My BIG Day....

This post is long overdue (a month and a week). I know, I know - but I have been very busy with work. I have finally ended my bachelor days and I am happy to have married the love of my life, Tasha better known to many as Tharsani. As most of you know, it was on the 11th of July 2009 (Saturday). The wedding was held in Christ Church, Melaka and the reception was by the poolside of Everly Resort Hotel, Melaka. There are so many people I would like to thank for all the hard work put in making the day a beautiful day for us. So here goes:-

First and foremost our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for all His blessings
Both our parents (Rt. Rev Datuk Dr S Batumalai & Datin Elizabeth and Mr. Krishnasamy & Mrs. Lalitha)
My dear sister Shobanam and my beloved brother in law Balla - for everything the both of them did. The entire wedding would not have been possible without the both of you.
My dear brother Antho - for arranging the PA system and for ensuring everything went on smoothly at the reception.
To both our dear cousins for ensuring everyone had a seat at the reception - Reena, Angela, Heric, Sharmini, Risberg, Joanne, Natasha, Suhasini, Pravina and Hans
The Bishop of West Malaysia, Rt. Rev. Ng Moon Hing and his lovely wife
Mr. Benjy Ong and Mrs. Grace Chung - for the Church decorations and for the ushering
Our dear aunties at CCM (Aunt Helen Siow, Aunt Rosemary Gill, Aunt Lisa Yeo & Aunt Dorothy Chia) - wonderful flower arrangements in the Church
Ms. Cindy & Ms. Sharon - beautiful decorations by the poolside. Yes everyone, it was all done by these 2 ladies and they were assisted by my dear friends Gopi & Kohilah below
Mr. Gopinath and Ms. Kohilah - thank you so much for all your help at the Hotel - I am sorry that because of all the work you guys were doing in the Hotel, you were not able to attend the wedding ceremony.
My dear bestmen - Remyjit (Pau, thank you so much for allowing us to use your car as the Groom's car - thank you very much. And thank you for all your support to me personally), Kamal, Vikhram and Vicknesharajan (What a stag! Nuff said!) And for organising the bar after the reception - well done fellers! Love you all very much
To Tasha's bridesmaids - Debbie, Patricia, Shobanam and Geeta
Our dear Matron of Honour - Mrs. Mary Dass (yes, I was the page boy at Mary Akka's wedding)
My dear Arwin and Hans for organising the signages
My dear comrades Navindran @ Naevien and Xavier Tee for ensuring the presentation slides went on well at the reception (I'm so sorry for not thanking you guys at the reception - I still feel bad about it)
My dear Jamhari - for the beautiful song you presented at the Church (It was truly special to the both of us Jam, I thank you so much - I know it wasn't easy)
My dear brother in law, Alfred for allowing us to use his car as the wedding car on such short notice - we thank you from the bottom of our hearts
My best friend, Goutham Ravi, affectionately known to me as G' - although you were unable to make it, I am glad you were with us in prayer. Hope to see you soon.

And not forgetting members of both of families and our dear friends (most of whom have come from out of town) to grace our special occasion and of course to help us out in one way or another.

To view the pictures, please click on our picture below:

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