Friday, September 11, 2009


I have had my run-ins with blatant racism. However, here in Malaysia, we are very careful in approaching the subject of racism. Why? Are we worried that mere questioning will result in a racial riot? I personally feel that if we see or experience racism, we should publicise it. People should be aware of how sickening some can be.

I was reading through the blog of one of my closest buddies (in fact he was also one of my best man) - Vixx. Vixx and I go a long way back. We've been very close - almost family, but only more genuine ;) He had written a post on racism - his unfortunate experiences. I think everyone here in Malaysia must read it. You need to know what is happening here in Malaysia - sadly.

To go to the article, please click on the 'No Racism' signage below:

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Nice to see the read the Blog of the son of Rev Batumalai of Christ Church, Melaka.