Wednesday, March 01, 2006

VW Hospitalised

Hi everyone,

My Beetle was sent to the workshop sometime last week to replace the clutch kit. That was the original plan. However, when the engine was jacked up, all the engine oil that was in the car spilled out. Unknown to me the oil seals were broken, piston rings were dented and the cylinder heads were cracked.

The repair bill which was initially estimated to be between RM700 - RM800, rocketed to RM1,200. The car will be ready by this Saturday. Basically a top over-haul was done on the car. The engine will also be washed and then I am thinking of sending it to the paint shop for some touch ups to be done. Paint job is still fine, so I thought of patching up some of the parts that were chipped. Once that is done, then we're going interior.

So, I am planning a monthly routine in the car. Every month a small part will be done on the car. More updates once the car is out. Will also try and upload a latest picture of the AT 14.