Monday, January 08, 2007

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

I know it is way after Christmas and the New Year has begun. But thats the thing, being drunk and incapacitated most of the time, I was not in a position to do any blogging. So, now is the time. Well, it was fun. I went back to Melaka for both the occasions. Attended church on both the occasions (Midnight Service). Mum and Dad were strict about us coming back for the New Year especially as I am always out getting sloshed somewhere. So, this time, it was actually nice to be in church and to be with the ones you love as we walked into the New Year.

Well, I have some pics of Christmas. Caesar was the one having a blast. He had so much of bones to munch on. He was the 'Official Welcoming Committee Member' - in fact the only member. So, he ushered all the people into the house.

Rems & Bens came from KL. So, we had a lot to eat & drink. Kindly view the pics below.

All of us in Church just before the Christmas Eve Midnight Service

Dad preaching at the Service

Balla & Shobanam narrating the Christmas play

Caesar - "Welcoming Committee"

Rems, Bens & me'self @ me' house having some whisky & mutton varuvel