Wednesday, July 25, 2007


21st July 2007 (Sat)
Melaka was fun. Tasha and I took the bus - instead of the normal driving we normally do. So, Caesar cldnt come with us. But I must say, we enjoyed ourselves on the bus rides - to and fro. Jam sent us to the bus station, got the 4pm bus, arrived in Melaka at about 6. Had a rest at home, before Anto and I headed to the church to have our practice. Oh yeah, Ruf'Ruf could not make it as he had a more important engagement to attend to. Anyway, practice was good. I chose a different variety of songs to do for P&W. Not the normal ones that we normally sing. I took 2 hymns - How Great Thou Art and Because He Lives and jazzed them up. I also sang a few old typical P&W slow numbers for the worship part of the P&W session. So, it was me on the vocals and the piano and Anto on the drums. On the whole it was good.

Came back, Amma was ready with dinner. During the time of practice, Tasha managed to grab a few hours of snooze time. So when we got back had dinner. AWESOME! Amma made some french beans with prawns (the ol' time favourite), and check this out LAMB CURRY - with huge chunks of ever so tender lamb meat and potatoes. With pappadams, pickles and rice. I ate 2 rounds of rice and then after a short break - 5 chappatis with the lamb curry as well. Oh yes, it was fabulous.

After dinner as we were resting and watching some tele, Anto was around as well, so I decided to have a drink. Didnt go anywhere, my friend Jay from Miri presented me with a bottle of Chivas for my engagement. So we had a few rounds of whisky and ginger ale and then retired for the day.

22nd July 2007 (Sun)
I was awake by 6am. Saw Appa going for his morning jog. Had bfast with Amma, then got ready and left for church by 7.45am. Had to prepare myself for my performance. You see I take my performances very seriously, so I have to be at the venue of performance at least 30 mins earlier, to pray, relax, ensure all the PPS slides are in order, etc. So, upon doing all that, service began. By God's grace everything went on according to plan - but I still felt that the drum beat for the 2nd song (How Great Thou Art) could have been a different beat. A beat that Anto and I decided on. Poor fellow was nervous and played another beat. But it turned out ok. I wasn't too pleased, but on the overall P&W session - I would say 6/10. I'm sorry, but I am a perfectionist. Especially if I am doing it for the Lord, I have to do it very well - there is no room for mistakes.

Well, after that we headed home for a bit of a rest, then we had lunch. Another session of eating and eating and eating...... Then Anto, Appa and Amma sent us to the bus station. Got the 3pm bus and got back to KL. Mark & Teenie came and fetched us - oh yes, thank you so much Mark for getting us - I would normally just take the LRT back, but our bag was heavy and my back didnt allow me to carry it, so I was glad Mark came.

That was Melaka. Very eventful and very good food as usual! Once again, thank you so much Appa and Amma!

Friday, July 20, 2007


I was honoured to be the Chief Judge at the Talent-Time held in one of the colleges in KL. It was a two in one thing. The Committee was auditioning for talents to perform at their Orientation Ball Night in August, but at the same time this was a Talent-Time as well. There were some dances, some solo performers (both singing and dancing) and a rap group as well. It was so nice as I started reminiscing my good old days in college - How I spent hours and hours of practising before going for an audition for the Annual Dinners. It was also nice to see how enthusiastic the contestants were - they also had a lot of support from their peers. This is something one hardly sees today.

I have judged a few similar Talent-Time contests before, but somehow this one was different. Although it was a small group of people participating, it was a fun group. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Ruf'Ruf and I will be going to Melaka again this weekend. We have been invited to perform at an Auntie's 75th Birthday celebration which will be held at CCM. This seems to be a steady trend. I am glad it is, I just hope that people don't get fed-up of the both of us. But then again, any trip to Melaka is a much expected trip. My mum's cooking, driving around the town, chilling out at Ringo's and of course the continuous jamming that Ruf'Ruf and I always get ourselves into.

I will be writing more about our trip once we get back on Sun. So, till then, have a good week ahead.

Well, something interesting will be happening tomorrow. I have been invited to be a judge in a college Talent-Time. It has been a long time since I last did something like this. So, I guess it will be fun - well it should be! More later.......

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Please Help! One of our good friend's in the doggie world have lost 2 of their babies. Rafiq and Nadia have lost their 2 precious babies, Stella, a German Shepherd and Myra / Oreo, a Syberian Husky. By the way, the pair was stolen from their house in Saujana Puchong. He had just stepped out to buy some take-away and he locked the front gate. Upon getting back, the gate was bent and broken and the doggies were missing. A small boy who lives nearby said that a red colour car came and took both of them away. Upon confirming this with the security guard in the front, he was informed that it was a red colour Honda Jazz. The guards were not suspicious of any foul-play because he thought that the guys in the car were Rafiq's friends as there was a child in the back seat with the 2 doggies, but no commotion of any sort in the car. To all pet lovers, please be on the look out - remember that Stella and Myra could be our dogs. Always lock your gates properly and always alert a neighbour before you leave the house. The details are shown below:-

Answers to: STELLA
Breed: German Shepherd
Sex: Female
Age: 2.5-year-old
Microchip No.: 458096100002395

Answers to: MYRA / OREO
Breed: Siberian Husky
Sex: Female
Age: 7-month-old
Microchip No.: 458098500132314

For further info, kindly view the page below: