Friday, July 20, 2007


I was honoured to be the Chief Judge at the Talent-Time held in one of the colleges in KL. It was a two in one thing. The Committee was auditioning for talents to perform at their Orientation Ball Night in August, but at the same time this was a Talent-Time as well. There were some dances, some solo performers (both singing and dancing) and a rap group as well. It was so nice as I started reminiscing my good old days in college - How I spent hours and hours of practising before going for an audition for the Annual Dinners. It was also nice to see how enthusiastic the contestants were - they also had a lot of support from their peers. This is something one hardly sees today.

I have judged a few similar Talent-Time contests before, but somehow this one was different. Although it was a small group of people participating, it was a fun group. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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