Thursday, September 29, 2005

Petition Against Cruelty To Animals

Greetings once again!

I came across this site, thanks to Dan. Now, people a lot of you have pets of your own. Would you like to see any form of cruelty to animals. This is a very good petition raised to increase awareness as well as update the existing laws on cruelty to animals. The aim of the petition is stated below:-

Animal lovers all over Malaysia petition for a pro-active government stance on the prevention of cruelty to animals by passing effective and deterrant legislation:-

1 - Increasing the cruelty fine from RM200 (since 1953) significantly higher to around RM 10,000.00 and increase jail time.

2 - A life time ban on animal ownership for those charged with cruelty to animals - animals therefore cannot be returned to the owners.

3 - To urge the public to be responsible pet owners - spay/neuter their pets, adequate food, space, exercise, love and mediacal attention and to be considerate neighbours.

So people, do your thing! Get onto the site & please sign the petition. The law has to be reformed.

URL : discovery

Hello everyone. I have been really busy with work & studies, did not have the time to blog. Now tt I'm back in the office - well, time to blog again. To all you VW enthusiasts. I have found a new friend. This guy has had his VW Beetle since 1999, bought it second-hand for RM2000/-. Transformed the old fellow into a drop dead gorgeous mean machine. Have a look. I am in contact with this guy for all those who want to do up their Love Bugs.

Pls go through all the pics on the URL on all the pages to know what I'm talking about. This shld not be missed. Also check out the floorboard he managed to get. Simply amazing!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Once I got back from work, rested for a while and left for JPN in Putrajaya to get my IC done. Everything was done within 12 minutes. Very impressed with the service provided by JPN nowadays. Hardly waited for anything. Way to go la...Malaysia Boleh!

Planning to get all the stuffs one by one. Now tt the IC is done, can get my license and ATM cards done. Other cards are being sent home.

Well, it was a trip worth the effort. From now on all IC issues should be done in Putrajaya. No regrets at all. Thanks Jams for the tip!

Chiao people...more tomorrow!

Monday, September 12, 2005

What a weekend....

Well, last weekend was very eventful. It started off pretty well. With a good game of futsal, then some good food, followed by some good sleep. Then it was up and straight to Rems' house. We had a good session of San Miguel's. Then I got back. Rested and it was Sunday. Got some stuff done around the house, then left for Souled Out. After a good night of drinking, talking and foolin' around. Left Hartamas to get back to PJ - at the supper place (222 Nasi Lemak panas), realised tt my wallet was missing. Went back to Souled Out, called the Manager, who said tt nothing was found tt night. Damn! Called all banks to cancel my c/cards. Found out tt one of my c/cards was used in a gas station at Jalan Ipoh - but no worries, charges will be waived. Then we had to get a police report done. Cos' mine and Tasha's IC were lost (both were in my wallet). After tt, got back to the house.

Jams was very nice to drive the both of us to Putrajaya to get the ICs done. Tasha got fined RM40, cos she lost it fir the first time. I was fined RM80, as it was my second time. Got to get it sorted out tomorrow- didnt have enough dough.

All my buddies were so helpful. Drive me around, went through all kinds of trouble searching all over the place for my wallet. A special thanks to the fellers here : Ben, Vic, Teo, Jam & Dush. I will never forget the help and support you guys gave me at that time. Well, I guess, I've got to more careful next time.

That's all for now. More tomorrow on the trip to Putrajaya.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ceasar's 1st Birthday

Both pictures below were taken at my doggie's 1st Birthday Party. Caesar has been with us ever since he was 2 months old. Turned 1 year old on the 31st of August 2005 (yeap, a Merdeka Baby).


A very sad day..

I'm sure you guys would remember that I spoke about Dr. Arul, my friend Anto's dad. Well, sadly, Dr. Arul passed away today. He has been taken from UMMC back to Teluk Intan. Will be attending his funeral tomorrow. I believe that it was God who felt that he (Dr. Arul) has suffered enough and that He wants him back with Him. I thank God for the life and all that Dr. Arul has done for many people, especially all his patients in Teluk Intan.

Wasnt able to blog yesterday as it was pretty relaxing at work as it was Labour Day in US. Good for me and all the US analysts who were working. We were watching movies, playing games and sleeping most of the time.

Thought of going to see Autochild on Thursday as I am experiencing some clutch problems with my babe. She was fine all this while, but she is starting to stammer everytime a gear shift is made, especially when a shift is made from 2nd to 3rd. I believe it may be a lubrication problem. But need to get it examined first. According to Brandon from Autochild, it may have to be flushed out and new lubricants may have to be re-entered. It may cost me a bomb, but I am willing to do it as this is a re-curring problem. A good option before I think of changing the entire clutch kit.

That's all for today!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thank God!

My friend Anto's dad was not feeling too well, Dr. Arul from Teluk Intan who is currently admitted in PPUM a.k.a. University Hospital. He was suspected as having a cancerous tumour. Thank God after all the tests were completed, nothing is wrong with him. The lump he has in his throat is only a growth which will be removed soon. All grace & thanksgiving to God!

Today was an eventful day. Besides having to put up with Teo (who frequently suffers from 'panic attacks') - managed to get a lot of things done. After all that, followed Rems to this newly found Performance Specialist - Autochild Sdn. Bhd. in Glenmarie. Checked out the place, soon to be frequented for many things - all the way from oil flushing, to interior dedorizer to everything else. But this is not a usual workshop. Check it out : A very good place to go do basic lubrication stuff.

Last one.....

More pics of my ride....

My ride....

This is a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle. We have had it since 1973. Dad bought it new. This baby of ours has changed colours 4 times. It came white, then baige, then red, now it is atlantic blue.

The beginning.......

Greetings to all who will be viewing this blog of mine...
This is really new to me. But since I have been viewing a lot of blogs, it has got me to create one for myself. So, do enjoy the very many things I will be posting every now and then. Take care.