Monday, September 12, 2005

What a weekend....

Well, last weekend was very eventful. It started off pretty well. With a good game of futsal, then some good food, followed by some good sleep. Then it was up and straight to Rems' house. We had a good session of San Miguel's. Then I got back. Rested and it was Sunday. Got some stuff done around the house, then left for Souled Out. After a good night of drinking, talking and foolin' around. Left Hartamas to get back to PJ - at the supper place (222 Nasi Lemak panas), realised tt my wallet was missing. Went back to Souled Out, called the Manager, who said tt nothing was found tt night. Damn! Called all banks to cancel my c/cards. Found out tt one of my c/cards was used in a gas station at Jalan Ipoh - but no worries, charges will be waived. Then we had to get a police report done. Cos' mine and Tasha's IC were lost (both were in my wallet). After tt, got back to the house.

Jams was very nice to drive the both of us to Putrajaya to get the ICs done. Tasha got fined RM40, cos she lost it fir the first time. I was fined RM80, as it was my second time. Got to get it sorted out tomorrow- didnt have enough dough.

All my buddies were so helpful. Drive me around, went through all kinds of trouble searching all over the place for my wallet. A special thanks to the fellers here : Ben, Vic, Teo, Jam & Dush. I will never forget the help and support you guys gave me at that time. Well, I guess, I've got to more careful next time.

That's all for now. More tomorrow on the trip to Putrajaya.

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