Monday, March 29, 2010


Easter is the most important annual religious feast in the Christian liturgical year. According to the Bible, Jesus was resurrected from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. Christians celebrate this resurrection on Easter Day or Easter Sunday (also Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday), two days after Good Friday and three days after Maundy Thursday, also referred to as Holy Thursday by some.

The Resurrected Jesus appearing before Mary Magdelene

The chronology of his death and resurrection is variously interpreted to be between AD 26 and AD 36. Easter also refers to the season of the church year called Eastertide or the Easter Season. Traditionally the Easter Season lasted for the forty days from Easter Day until Ascension Day but now officially lasts for the fifty days until The first week of the Easter Season is known as Easter Week or the Octave of Easter. Easter also marks the end of Lent, a season of fasting, prayer, and penance.

Just the other day, Tasha and I were having dinner with Ben, Kamal, Vixx & Komathi. Ben & Kamal asked me a question: "So Devan aren't you observing Lent this year?" It was nice that they remembered. Every year, I give up something for Lent - normally something I cannot live without. For the past years it has been, alcohol, red meat, in fact in one of those years, it was meat altogether - but this year, I gave up coffee. Ever since I started here in CSC, I have been drinking at least 2 mugs of coffee every morning. So, this is something I have decided to give up. Honestly, it was tough initially, but eventually, I am alright. There is no longer a craving.

Tasha and I will be going back to Melaka on Thursday, right after work and we will be attending Good Friday service in Christ Church Melaka. Amma has promised to cook up a delicious vegetarian meal - yummy! I can't wait. To those of you who read the post last year, I'm sure you saw the spread - the works ya'll :) I have requested a menu from Amma - so, I am looking forward to it. Will post the pictures by Saturday, 3rd.

That's all for now, more after the Good Friday service.