Monday, August 31, 2009

Good Weekend....

What a weekend it was? The weekend started for me on Friday. Tasha picked me up from work, came back, did some shopping, packed up the boys and we left for Melaka. We were initially worried about the traffic (as Monday as a PH), but thankfully, the traffic was very smooth. We got to Melaka in an hour and 20 mins. Amma was waiting for us, had a warm shower and slept. Woke up the next morning, had breakfast, watched tele and just chilled at home. Appa and Amma went for a picnic with the Senior Citizens Club of CCM - so Tasha and I had lunch and pretty much just lazed at home. It was nice to just be at home. In the afternoon, we headed to Jln Bunga Raya for some cendol and rojak. This shop that we went to brings special memory to Tasha - when she was a kid, her grandma used to take her to this shop for rojak and cendol after their grocery shopping every other Saturday. To our suprise, the old uncle who is managing the shop is still there with his wife. According to Tasha, the taste has not changed - ever! So, it was good - I had longan with ice-cream - nice. Anyway, after that, we headed to buy some fruits and wash the car and then headed back home.

We visited Tasha's auntie (Uncle, Hans & Natasha) in Bukit Katil and then headed home after the 2nd half of the Man Utd v Arsenal game - were we lucky, I'm very sure we were. Although we did play well in the second half, but the way the goals came in for us, I have to thank God for his blessings :) Anyway, we retired right after the game as we were going to Kluang on Sunday. We woke up at 6.30am, got ready and headed to Kluang. Tasha and I slept at the back while Appa and Amma drove. We got to Kluang at 9am, dropped Appa at St. Luke's and then we (Amma, Tasha and I) headed to the Kluang town for some old school breakfast. Seriously very good. There is this chinese coffee shop in Kluang which serves the best baked bread with butter and kaya and coffee. After bfast, we went to church. Right after church service, we left - Appa was conducting the confirmation for some 10 candidates. I drove us back to Melaka - once we got back, we bought some lunch from Selvams.

After lunch, bathed the boys - Tasha bathed Caesar and I bathed Vasco. Fed them and then we slept for a while. Only woke up at about 8pm at night, got ready and left for KL. at about 9.30pm. It was a smooth drive back. Got in to KL by 11pm. Bought some burgers back and now I'm just resting. About to go and sleep in a bit. Tasha is already sleeping. In fact, I wanted to go and shoot some pool with Xav, but he isn't keeping too well, so we'll go tomorrow morning (I hope).

Very eventful weekend - Celtic won, Man Utd won and we had a very relaxed weekend in Melaka and Kluang.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stray Dogs....

Tasha & I were going back home after dinner sometime last week in Equine Park sometime last week and we were greeted by a very cute Lab looking black colour stray. She was blocking the road as were about the leave the restaurant. So, what we did was we drove back to where she came from and we were pleasantly greeted by 2 small pups and 2 other strays as well. They were all sitting together and keeping themselves warm. A very sad site for an animal lover - I tell you. Anyway, we headed to buy some dog biscuits for them and ever since we have been feeding them at the shop lots that they normally chill out in.

However, today was kinda strange. When we went to feed the fellers, we only saw one of them. He was just sitting there alone - looking sad and cold (it has been raining here for the past 2 weeks, especially at night). So, what I did was, the usual, trying to call all of them - no one came. I got a bit worried - then this feller was walking away as I was pouring out the food on the old newspapers which were already there (I guess there were others feeding them too). Then, he gave 2 loud barks. As soon as he barked, all the dogs whom I had been feeding all this while, came running - including the 2 small pups. It was so cute - all of them just ran around our car and up into the shop lot. In fact when Spots (the dog that was sitting there alone) called out to his homies to come and feast, one of the small pups was about to run across the road - an oncoming car was about to hit him - but he took a step back and avoided the car. Amazing aren't they - they are so smart isn't? I was truly touched by how Spots called out to all of them to come and eat. Poor fellers were so hungry.

This post is to tell everyone - dogs are precious beings. Do not abuse them, do not throw them out of your house once you get bored of them, do not give them up if you have a child at home and most importantly - PLEASE, for heavens sake, if you are not in a position to care for them, do not ever and I mean, ever take them into your homes in the first place. It is very cruel to care for them for a while and then just give them up later. To those who have pets of your own, please neuter or spay your dogs and cats. It is already depressing enough to see so many of them without loving homes.

To all my dear strays (dogs and cats) - this is my prayer for you - may you be kept very safe from all danger and may you be fed sufficiently.

Take care everyone and have a good weekend!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My BIG Day....

This post is long overdue (a month and a week). I know, I know - but I have been very busy with work. I have finally ended my bachelor days and I am happy to have married the love of my life, Tasha better known to many as Tharsani. As most of you know, it was on the 11th of July 2009 (Saturday). The wedding was held in Christ Church, Melaka and the reception was by the poolside of Everly Resort Hotel, Melaka. There are so many people I would like to thank for all the hard work put in making the day a beautiful day for us. So here goes:-

First and foremost our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for all His blessings
Both our parents (Rt. Rev Datuk Dr S Batumalai & Datin Elizabeth and Mr. Krishnasamy & Mrs. Lalitha)
My dear sister Shobanam and my beloved brother in law Balla - for everything the both of them did. The entire wedding would not have been possible without the both of you.
My dear brother Antho - for arranging the PA system and for ensuring everything went on smoothly at the reception.
To both our dear cousins for ensuring everyone had a seat at the reception - Reena, Angela, Heric, Sharmini, Risberg, Joanne, Natasha, Suhasini, Pravina and Hans
The Bishop of West Malaysia, Rt. Rev. Ng Moon Hing and his lovely wife
Mr. Benjy Ong and Mrs. Grace Chung - for the Church decorations and for the ushering
Our dear aunties at CCM (Aunt Helen Siow, Aunt Rosemary Gill, Aunt Lisa Yeo & Aunt Dorothy Chia) - wonderful flower arrangements in the Church
Ms. Cindy & Ms. Sharon - beautiful decorations by the poolside. Yes everyone, it was all done by these 2 ladies and they were assisted by my dear friends Gopi & Kohilah below
Mr. Gopinath and Ms. Kohilah - thank you so much for all your help at the Hotel - I am sorry that because of all the work you guys were doing in the Hotel, you were not able to attend the wedding ceremony.
My dear bestmen - Remyjit (Pau, thank you so much for allowing us to use your car as the Groom's car - thank you very much. And thank you for all your support to me personally), Kamal, Vikhram and Vicknesharajan (What a stag! Nuff said!) And for organising the bar after the reception - well done fellers! Love you all very much
To Tasha's bridesmaids - Debbie, Patricia, Shobanam and Geeta
Our dear Matron of Honour - Mrs. Mary Dass (yes, I was the page boy at Mary Akka's wedding)
My dear Arwin and Hans for organising the signages
My dear comrades Navindran @ Naevien and Xavier Tee for ensuring the presentation slides went on well at the reception (I'm so sorry for not thanking you guys at the reception - I still feel bad about it)
My dear Jamhari - for the beautiful song you presented at the Church (It was truly special to the both of us Jam, I thank you so much - I know it wasn't easy)
My dear brother in law, Alfred for allowing us to use his car as the wedding car on such short notice - we thank you from the bottom of our hearts
My best friend, Goutham Ravi, affectionately known to me as G' - although you were unable to make it, I am glad you were with us in prayer. Hope to see you soon.

And not forgetting members of both of families and our dear friends (most of whom have come from out of town) to grace our special occasion and of course to help us out in one way or another.

To view the pictures, please click on our picture below:

Monday, August 17, 2009


An interesting observation....

Statistics have been compiled, research has been conducted, relatives have been consulted, the gossip aunties (their big hips clad in colourful and bright golden sarees) have actually, for ONCE agreed. We present to you the characteristics that classify the THREE major Indian groups that exist in Malaysia. The REGULARs, HIP-HOPPERs & MACHAs.


Comprises a mere 7-10 % of the total population of Indians in Malaysia. Found in well-developed parts of the cities spread throughout the peninsular. (None have been found in Sabah & Sarawak as yet)

1. Speaks English as their 1st language.(No shame at all)
2. Do not know how to (or just don’t) speak their mother tongue.
3. Prefer to identify themselves by sub-group rather than the plain Indian (ie-Malayalee, Ceylonese, Telugu, Sikh, North Indian, etc)
4. Uses the internet more than the other 2 groups combined.
5. Swears off, criticises and ridicule those who watch tamil/hindi movies and/or dramas
6. Instead, watches the OC, MTV and other American sitcoms
7. Thinks that the REGULAR group is way larger than it actually is and constantly makes fun of the other groups, in particular the MACHA group. Why? Because it's fun.
8. Aspires to be a doctor. Those who do medicine will eventually do so at UK/Australia, but will normally end up taking more than the required six years to complete the degree due to excessive failure.

Recent studies have shown that there is a growing splinter group within the REGULARs knows as the IPWTTANI (Indian People Who Think They Are Not Indians). This growing sub-group is considered the elitist by some and is found to make the occasional statements like "I wish I were in the UK " and/or "This never happened when I was studying in Australia ". They often speak in unidentifiable accents. The women/men of this group also prefer to date white men/women from foreign countries with the excuse that local men/women "just don't understand me". Many secretly desire to be taken away to live in a Bollywood film with a happily-ever- after ending.


The 2nd major group of Indians, the HIP-HOPPERS comprises about 20-30% of the population of Indians. Normally living in urban areas of cities, the HIP-HOPPERS, as their name suggests, can never be found where they actually come from, but rather in clubs, bars, pubs etc. Many secretly desire to be like the REGULARS but just don't make the cut.

1. TRY to speak English as their 1st language.
2. Their actual 1st language is Tamil.
3. Openly desire to be blacks (waddap dawg?)
4. Hair not in original colour
5. Have unknown hand movements and slangs that are supposedly cool that supposedly go well together with their normal attire of FUBU jerseys and baggy jeans (that are more often than not bought in Petaling Street/ChowKit)
6. Are famously known to shorten their names to suit their lifestyles (ie. Sam, for Muthusamy and Amber for Ambikadevi)
7. Large quantities (almost all) found in Jalan Telawi of Bangsar (though, to be fair, many REGULAR groups are found here too) 8. Parents want them to be doctors. Many end up studying medicine in Russia/Ukraine because they refuse to go to India and cannot afford UK/Australia. Those who go to India may eventually switch camps to the MACHA group.

The HIP-HOPPERS major claim to fame is driving out all the REGULARs (Malay, Chinese & Indian) and the white expatriates from Bangsar by large quantities, so much so that they can now call Bangsar "home".

(3) MACHAs

The last and largest group of Indians in the country comes from the MACHA group. Probably the most famous group, it is so well known that most Malaysians think ALL Indians are from the MACHA group. Comprising nearly 70% of the Indian population in M'sia, the MACHAS can be found in urban parts of the cities, and also in estates.

1. Speaks Tamil as their 1st language
2. Sees Tamil Nadu/Madras (India) as the place to be.
3. Astro at home is hardwired to Astro Vaanavil.
4. Worship Bollywood films. The men openly desire to be like Vijayakanth or their favourite Indian star.
5. A night-out will have to include a stop at any Indian shop in Brickfields. The shopping haven will have to be Jalan Masjid India .
6. Know all the Tamil songs by heart and has never heard of Hitz.FM
7. For men, outfit is never complete without a gold chain. Women prefer to spend their life-savings on gold jewelry and gaudy sarees.8. Half of them aspire to be doctors; the other half, their parents want them to be doctors. The bright ones become the pride of all Indians in the country when they enter UM for medicine, the less fortunate go to AIMST. Many more attain paradise and have their dreams come true when allowed to go off to India (most of the time Manipal) to do medicine. Most just drop-out of school and contribute to social-problem areas in the country.

Which one are you?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Yes, Dogathon is back and this time celebrating its 13th anniversary. Tasha and I have never missed it. It is held in Bukit Ekspo in UPM every year. This event is organised by the vet students of UPM and jointly sponsored by many brands. It will be fun filled day for you and your fur kids. The details are below:-

Date: 16th August 2009 (Sunday)
Venue: Bukit Ekspo, UPM
Time: 6.30am - 2.00pm
Theme: Carnivale Canine

For more details click on the paw below:
See you all there!