Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stray Dogs....

Tasha & I were going back home after dinner sometime last week in Equine Park sometime last week and we were greeted by a very cute Lab looking black colour stray. She was blocking the road as were about the leave the restaurant. So, what we did was we drove back to where she came from and we were pleasantly greeted by 2 small pups and 2 other strays as well. They were all sitting together and keeping themselves warm. A very sad site for an animal lover - I tell you. Anyway, we headed to buy some dog biscuits for them and ever since we have been feeding them at the shop lots that they normally chill out in.

However, today was kinda strange. When we went to feed the fellers, we only saw one of them. He was just sitting there alone - looking sad and cold (it has been raining here for the past 2 weeks, especially at night). So, what I did was, the usual, trying to call all of them - no one came. I got a bit worried - then this feller was walking away as I was pouring out the food on the old newspapers which were already there (I guess there were others feeding them too). Then, he gave 2 loud barks. As soon as he barked, all the dogs whom I had been feeding all this while, came running - including the 2 small pups. It was so cute - all of them just ran around our car and up into the shop lot. In fact when Spots (the dog that was sitting there alone) called out to his homies to come and feast, one of the small pups was about to run across the road - an oncoming car was about to hit him - but he took a step back and avoided the car. Amazing aren't they - they are so smart isn't? I was truly touched by how Spots called out to all of them to come and eat. Poor fellers were so hungry.

This post is to tell everyone - dogs are precious beings. Do not abuse them, do not throw them out of your house once you get bored of them, do not give them up if you have a child at home and most importantly - PLEASE, for heavens sake, if you are not in a position to care for them, do not ever and I mean, ever take them into your homes in the first place. It is very cruel to care for them for a while and then just give them up later. To those who have pets of your own, please neuter or spay your dogs and cats. It is already depressing enough to see so many of them without loving homes.

To all my dear strays (dogs and cats) - this is my prayer for you - may you be kept very safe from all danger and may you be fed sufficiently.

Take care everyone and have a good weekend!

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