Monday, August 31, 2009

Good Weekend....

What a weekend it was? The weekend started for me on Friday. Tasha picked me up from work, came back, did some shopping, packed up the boys and we left for Melaka. We were initially worried about the traffic (as Monday as a PH), but thankfully, the traffic was very smooth. We got to Melaka in an hour and 20 mins. Amma was waiting for us, had a warm shower and slept. Woke up the next morning, had breakfast, watched tele and just chilled at home. Appa and Amma went for a picnic with the Senior Citizens Club of CCM - so Tasha and I had lunch and pretty much just lazed at home. It was nice to just be at home. In the afternoon, we headed to Jln Bunga Raya for some cendol and rojak. This shop that we went to brings special memory to Tasha - when she was a kid, her grandma used to take her to this shop for rojak and cendol after their grocery shopping every other Saturday. To our suprise, the old uncle who is managing the shop is still there with his wife. According to Tasha, the taste has not changed - ever! So, it was good - I had longan with ice-cream - nice. Anyway, after that, we headed to buy some fruits and wash the car and then headed back home.

We visited Tasha's auntie (Uncle, Hans & Natasha) in Bukit Katil and then headed home after the 2nd half of the Man Utd v Arsenal game - were we lucky, I'm very sure we were. Although we did play well in the second half, but the way the goals came in for us, I have to thank God for his blessings :) Anyway, we retired right after the game as we were going to Kluang on Sunday. We woke up at 6.30am, got ready and headed to Kluang. Tasha and I slept at the back while Appa and Amma drove. We got to Kluang at 9am, dropped Appa at St. Luke's and then we (Amma, Tasha and I) headed to the Kluang town for some old school breakfast. Seriously very good. There is this chinese coffee shop in Kluang which serves the best baked bread with butter and kaya and coffee. After bfast, we went to church. Right after church service, we left - Appa was conducting the confirmation for some 10 candidates. I drove us back to Melaka - once we got back, we bought some lunch from Selvams.

After lunch, bathed the boys - Tasha bathed Caesar and I bathed Vasco. Fed them and then we slept for a while. Only woke up at about 8pm at night, got ready and left for KL. at about 9.30pm. It was a smooth drive back. Got in to KL by 11pm. Bought some burgers back and now I'm just resting. About to go and sleep in a bit. Tasha is already sleeping. In fact, I wanted to go and shoot some pool with Xav, but he isn't keeping too well, so we'll go tomorrow morning (I hope).

Very eventful weekend - Celtic won, Man Utd won and we had a very relaxed weekend in Melaka and Kluang.

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