Sunday, September 13, 2009


It is a strange feeling when you look forward to the weekend. But when the weekend comes, you're like thinking, damn, it is Monday in a day or two. Then you lose all focus of the weekend. Anyway, this weekend was rather quiet. Woke up early this morning, ran some errands, took Vasco to the vet and Caesar to the groomers. Then, got back. Tasha cooked lunch. Lovely lunch I must say - chicken curry, rice, carrots and cauliflowers. In fact, once I got back upon running my errands, I slept for a while. It has been like eternity since I ever had a good afternoon nap, and boy was it good. Woke up and 6.00pm and had lunch. Yup - lunch was at 6.00pm. Then, Xavier called me for a game of pool. We were supposed to go for a bowling session in Sunway Pyramid - but it didn't work out. We had vouchers for some games - but sadly, it didn't work out. Anyway, I headed to IOI Mall - Brewball to play some pool. I must say, Brewball has one of the best tables in town. Well maintained and excellence service by the staff. We played for a good 2 hours - 8 ball. We hope to be having another round of 9 ball soon. It was a well contested match: Devan - 10 vs Xavier - 8.

After the games, I got back, had another round of the rice and chicken curry. Bought some ice-cream back. Tasha and I have this love affair with the McDonald's Cornetto Sundae. Good stuff ya'll. Try it - chocolate though, not the strawberry one. After dinner, had ice-cream and then watched some tele. I wanted to catch the ManUtd v Spurs game, but I doubt I'll be able to stay awake. I need to be up in the morning tomorrow as Tasha and I are driving Appa and Amma to Slim River - one of my dad's episcopal visits. They're driving to the Petronas here in Sg.Besi and then, I'm driving them to S.River. It will be a nice trip for sure as it will be the first time Appa will be going back to his place of birth and his 'kampung' as a Bishop. After the service, I'll be driving them straight to Melaka. Shobs and Balla are in Melaka, so they'll be dropping us off at KL on their way back.

Once we get back, it will already be time to get ready for a new week ahead. Wish you all a pleasant weekend and more to come next week.

I hope to take some picture in Slim River and I'll post it once I get back.

God bless you all.

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