Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thank God!

My friend Anto's dad was not feeling too well, Dr. Arul from Teluk Intan who is currently admitted in PPUM a.k.a. University Hospital. He was suspected as having a cancerous tumour. Thank God after all the tests were completed, nothing is wrong with him. The lump he has in his throat is only a growth which will be removed soon. All grace & thanksgiving to God!

Today was an eventful day. Besides having to put up with Teo (who frequently suffers from 'panic attacks') - managed to get a lot of things done. After all that, followed Rems to this newly found Performance Specialist - Autochild Sdn. Bhd. in Glenmarie. Checked out the place, soon to be frequented for many things - all the way from oil flushing, to interior dedorizer to everything else. But this is not a usual workshop. Check it out : A very good place to go do basic lubrication stuff.

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