Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vessel of Worship....

As most of you know Vessel of Worship (hereafter referred to as VW) will be performing at the Attic in Bangsar on the 17th of June 2008 (Tue). This is the second time we will be playing in a competition. In fact, the first was when we actually qualified for the semi finals which will be held this Tuesday. The name of the competition is 'The Attic's Got Talent'.

It is interesting how we managed to get into the competition. We were at the Attic on the 20th of April celebrating my birthday and while we were there, we played a few songs. Ruf on the guitars and back up vocals, Mark on the congas and me on the piano and vocals. Llew the owner of the Attic came by and told us that we should be participating in the Attic's Got Talent show. So, we registered and now we are in the semis. The road to the semis was not a smooth one. We had a lot of complications as we did not know what songs to sing; how to sing them; if the genre we chose was good enough and a lot of other confusion. I am thankful to the entire band, namely: Rufus, Risberg, Hari, Winston and Mark (and now Thanen & Jam) for all the support and encouragement in getting us this far.

We were also very blessed to have a very good Manager in Ms. Brenda James who kept pushing us to greater ambitions. We only started off as a Christian band (in fact, it was just Ruf, Ris and myself). Eventually, we got Mark, then Hari, then Winston, then Jam and now Thanen. We were only playing in church functions and weddings (whenever we were invited to play). I never knew we would ever play at a joint as exclusive as the Attic. It is all blessings from above. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Maestro Llew Marsh, Nazluna (The Best Bartendress in the World), Ms. Juliet Thor (our No.1 fan) and everyone at the Attic for all the support you gave us throughout the journey.

We hope to keep up the quality of the show and we hope and pray we qualify for the finals.

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