Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Family Trip

Tasha and I have been planning to have a family trip for a long time. We have been planning to have the trip since early September 09. Thankfully, everyone responded on time and kept the date free. The date was set be on the 2nd of Jan 2010. A one night trip to PD. We made the necessary arrangements to have a bungalow booked and pot luck was also organized. We wanted to have a barbeque so we had to ensure sufficient food was catered for the 23 people & 2 furkids that came:-

1. Devan, Tasha, Caesar & Vasco (2)
2. Uncle Krishnasamy, Auntie Lalitha, Pravina & Suhashini (4)
3. Thatha (1)
4. Uncle John, Auntie Rani, Hans & Natasha (4)
5. Uncle Revee, Auntie Chelva, Arwin & Sharwin (4)
6. Kumar, Pathma, Aniruth & Adhiti (4)
7. Vicknes & Yoges (2)
8. Alfred & Geeta (2)

By God’s grace everything went on well. We left KL at 12.50noon and we were in PD by 2.00pm. The entourage from Melaka arrived at about 2.30pm. We started off by having some deliciously made nasi lemak by mom-in-law (Aunt Lalitha). Once we were done with lunch, we left for the beach. It was just a 5 mins walk from the bungalow. We swam in the sea for about 3 hours and then got back to prepare for the barbeque.

Barbeque started at 8.00pm and by then, Alfred, Geeta and the Kumars had just arrived. Oh yes, how can I forget? We had problems finding the barbeque grill. We could buy it from KL because; we did not know the size of the barbeque pit in the bungalow. We spent a good 1 hour looking for it, and finally we found one shop that had it. As soon as we got it and all the other supplies, we headed straight to the bungalow. After we were done with eating and drinking, we had a short game of football – really fun. 2 teams of 5 aside were made and we played for a good 1 hour. Then, we stopped to rest. But after resting, no one wanted to continue, so all of us had our showers and we started card games. Some gambled, some of us played Citadel – a game introduced by Vicky & Yoges. Interesting, I must say. After that, the rest went to sleep, but some of us continued with Monopoly and more drinking. 3 of us (Arwin, Hans and me) only slept at 5.30am – after some supper.

Got up by 8.00am the next morning and yes you guessed it right, we headed to the beach again. Swam for about 3 hours, got home, bathed, got ready, some of us had light lunches and then we all headed back to KL.

All in all a very good trip – some of us came from KL, some from Melaka, some from Singapore and some even from India. I am very glad everyone had a good time. We are planning to make this an annual event – even bi-annual, of course only if the response is good.

Pictures of the trip can be viewed by clicking on the picture below:


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