Monday, January 04, 2010

Say 'No To Plastic Bags'

Greetings of the New Year everyone!

I came across a very good article in the NST this morning on the ‘No Plastic Bag’ campaign.

Every Saturday (from the 2nd of Jan onwards) in all Carrefour hypermarts nationwide, no plastic bags will be given to customers – if they would like to have one, they will have to purchase it.

This is a very good move. Tasha and I have always been wondering when people will ever stop using plastic bags. This is the beginning. We should encourage shoppers to use their own recyclable shopping bags. It is also good to know that other supermarkets and convenience stores have also decided to follow suit. In fact, Cold Storage had already declared Thursdays as a ‘no plastic bag day’. Now, they have also decided to take part in the campaign. Among the other stores who have decided to follow suit, 7-11 and Giant. I do hope other marts will do the same.

Please spread the message everyone. Please go into stores with your own reusable shopping bags. Let’s join hands in saving the environment. Let us start off the New Year by inculcating the habit of recycling.
Thank you and God bless you all this year!

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