Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Housemate....

The tenants of house No.36 have a new housemate. Yup, Mr. Vikhram Krishnan (hereafter referred to as 'd'playa, oops, sorry machi, I think I'll call him VK), has joined us. He was staying around here, but his tenancy agreement has expired and he did not wish to extend his stay in the old place he was staying in, so he moved in with us.
It was one of the happiest moments for Tasha and myself (not forgetting Jam), because all this while it was just the 3 of us. Now, with VK around, we have almost a nice cute family. We have the missing link already. In Jam's words, we have now, the Musician (me'self), the Snoozer (Jam), the Chef (Tasha) and thankfully now, the Bar Tender (who else but VK). He is the best person one should have in organising a party. He gets the booze and the women organised. So for all those who want to have your stags, call me, I'll sort you'll out. Of course there will be a introduction fee from me, LOL.
It was also very nice to have met VK's parents at home in Kepong. They are a very nice couple. Hope to have them over for our house warming barbeque party soon. I will keep the other informed of the date once it is confirmed. Tentatively, it should be on the last week of May, but once we confirm it, I'll keep all of you informed.
To our new family member - Welcome To Our Home VK!

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