Monday, May 12, 2008

We've Got The 17th....And We're Not Far Off!

What a cruncher it was @ the JJB! I was watching the game @ Bulldogs with my mates - to see how the Devils persevered and stuck by their game plan in such a crucial match of the season was awesome. The squad of Van der Sar, Brown, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Park JS (substituted with Giggs), Carrick, Scholes (later substituted with Hargreaves), Ronaldo, Tevez and Rooney showed what differentiates the MEN from the boys.

Ronaldo penalty in the 33rd

A penalty scored by Ronaldo in the 33rd and a beautifully placed shot by Giggs in the 80th sealed the 17th title for the Devils. It is the 10th title under the eyes and leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson and the 17th for the Manchester United Football Club. Giggsy marked his record-equalling 758th appearance for the Devils in style by taking the throughball from Rooney on his stride before slotting it home.

It was a cruncher I say, because throughout the game, the home team controlled possession for long periods and enjoyed the majority of chances. Heskey, Koumas and M. Bent all failed to convert the half chances they had. It was huge relief when Ronaldo converted the penalty when Rooney was brought down in the box. However, it was a something else when Giggsy did it in the 80th. I was practically jumping and screaming in Bulldog. Of course, we had a legion of fans present - Kash, Surin Sir, Ross (who will be in Moscow to watch the Devils take on the Blues in the UEFA Final) and of course our dear Alison.

No one else deserves to lift it up more than the MAN himself - Superb play Giggsy

Congratulations my dear Red Devils and lets keep the flag flying high as we approach the UEFA Champions League Final match in Moscow against the Blues.

I will end this post with a few messages that were sent before and after the game. Some of which are totally original and brilliant:-

Time Received: 11th May, 9.25pm (Before The Game)
Author: Surin Murugiah
To: All Man Utd fans

To ALL Devils - for 90 minutes tonight we shall hold our breath, knowing greatness beckons. For 90 minutes, lets give Fergie's boys the support they need. may we take the first of two tonight, and put celebrations on hold till we crush the other in Moscow in ten days. Be UNITED, be REAL DEVILS tonight.

No. 2
Time Sent: 12th May, 12.23am (After The Game)
Author: Devanandan Batumalai
To: All Chelsea Fans

It was a hard fought season. The Champions won but the Pretenders drew

Time Sent: 12th May, 12.12am (After The Game)
Author: Devanandan Batumalai
To: All Liverpool Fans (Btw, Liverpool have won the league 18th times)

We've got the 17th and we're not far away

With that, ladies and gentlemen - GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!

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