Thursday, May 01, 2008

Talent @ The Attic....

We (Vessel of Worship) were invited by Llew Marsh the owner of the Attic to participate in the Talent competition. This is a competition which is held every 2 weeks over a period of 6 months. This competition attracts all musicians - soloist, duo, group or even a band. So, Vessel of Worship (VW hereafter) took upon itself the challenge of doing this. Let me briefly tell you the composition of our band:-

Devan (me'self) - Lead Vocals & Piano
Rufus - Lead Guitar & Back-up Vocals
Risberg - Drums
Vincent - Percussions
Mark - Bass
As - Rhythm
Hari - D'Walkman (Beatbox)

We have never took part in a competition before. It has always been one gig after the other, impromptu performances and playing in the Church most of the time, for we are a Christian pop rock & funk outfit.

Anyway, we were very focused in getting through the heats (Heat #3) which was held on Tuesday, 29th of April 2008. There were 6 acts who took part in the heat. There were 3 soloists and 3 bands. The competition was divided into 2 sets. For each set a group is to sing one song. VW did Psalm 23 (our own song) and for the second set we did Long Train Running by the Doobie Brothers - this was a killer. In fact, even the boys had a blast performing it.

We were very happy when we were declared winners of the heat. In fact, this was the first time in the history of the competition the winners were tied. We were tied with Suzie (the soloist who plays the piano and sings - very good I must say). We have qualified for the semi finals which will be on the 17th of June 2008 (Tuesday). Please come and watch us for we have a nice line up for the night.

For all those who would like to sing and be heard, check out Attic's Got Talent. We would love to have you join us as we make sweet sweet music.

Here are some of the pictures taken that night:-

Me, chillin' as the band sets up and tunes up

I started off the 1st set with a piano solo

Rufus, interacting with the crowd

Psalm 23, ya'll

Hari & Rufus doing their thing

Vincent Palmer (another Palmer from the family) on percussions and Risberg on drums

As and me'self getting ready before our 2nd set

Vessel of Worship jamming away

More action from VW

Introducing the band

All the contestants (only 5 were there, the other outfit left the scene)

The WINNERS of Heat #3, Suzie & Vessel of Worship


Anonymous said...

Emelia here..! My small time band wanted to take part tooo..and you guys won? Did you get to the finals? Take care and GBU!

DPB said...

How have you been girl? It has been ages since we last met or even spoke for that matter. The semi finals are on the 17th of June. Please do come by. It starts from 7.30pm onwards @ The Attic in Bangsar. Call me if you're coming ok. Hope to see you there.