Friday, September 19, 2008

GBOB Challenge 2008....

This is something I am really looking forward to. In fact the entire band is looking forward to this. As most of you'll know the Attic's Got Talent competition has been postponed till further notice. I will keep all of you informed once the new date is confirmed. But we have got ourselves attached to a new gig.

This is the Global Battle of the Bands Challenge 2008 (referred to as GBOB hereafter). We have missed 2 of the heats - one in JB and the other in KL. There will be 2 more heats - 11th Oct 2008 in Penang and 25th Oct 2008 in KL. Vessel of Worship will be travelling up north. Yes, we will be up north from the 11-12th of Oct 2008. The heats are on the 11th. For further details do visit the site below.

We have also been featured as the Band/Artist at the competition. Do check us out @ the site below. I do understand that this is a major gig - international standard. But I believe this is a good platform to actually judge our own standard. I have always wanted to gauge ourselves in the eyes of professional musicians. I'm not saying that all this while, we have not been in the company of professional musicians, but it is just that at this event, we will be judged by music directors, international music celebrities and producers. If you're free during the abovesaid weekend, do come by to CityBayview Hotel Penang.

One of the most interesting parts of this competition is the fact that we are only allowed to perform our own songs. I like this idea. Although we are comfortable doing covers, we have decide a long time ago to start working on and producing our own stuff. I have written some stuff and I want to be able to perform them live. Some of you have heard our songs - so do come by to listen to more of them.

For further details do check out the sites below:-

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