Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank You VofW....

It was a fun filled weekend, I must say. Sat was spent resting, well, for the most part and then I went to meet my cousins. It was nice of the cousins to organise this reunion. It has been a long time since we last had something like this. It was a reunion - where only cousins meet. No bfs, gfs, husbands or wives - just the cousins. We managed to catch up on all that we've been up to, our recent endeavours (holidays / trips / activities). Ruf & I had a lot to talk about - they asked me to share about my Beijing trip, Ruf and I then spoke to them about how VofW is slowly moving forward. All this while, we have only been jamming and playing whenever we're invited for small functions. But of late, we have been taking it one step further.

The Attic has been a very platform for us to be heard. Here I must thank Ms. Brenda James and Mr. Llew Marsh for the opportunity to perform at the Attic. That is where we started. We would not have got anywhere without that oppurtunity. From there, it has been a steady journey of learning. Anyway, that was just a little of how far we have come.

We heard news that we could perform at Waikiki Bar in PJ yesterday. I got the call at approximately 5pm asking if we could perform later that night @ about 10.30pm. Immediately, I called the guys and we met up at our 12 Records Studio for an hour of jamming and then headed straight to Waikiki for the performance. It was such a humbling experience - why? We were in the midst of such talented musicians - Bala, Sherman & Vishnu, just to name a few. As far as the bar scene is concerned, these are heavyweights. To be able to perform alongside these guys, it was a true experience. I do hope to play there often. If everything goes well, we will be playing there on Sundays (during the jam sessions). But this is of course, subject to approval from the organisers. We did 3 songs - Black Horse & The Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall, I'm Yours by Jason Mraz and Gimme Hope Jo'anna by Eddy Grant. It was amazing, because the entire crowd was dancing the night away. We rocked the crowd @ Waikiki.

I have to specially thank all the boys of VofW who were with Ruf & me last night. We did not have the entire band as some were unable to make it. A special thanks to the following guys for making it last night:-

1. Hari - Beatboxer
2. Bernard - Drummer
3. Kenry - Step-in Percussionist
4. Jeffrey - Bassist
5. Mark & Mag - For the support
6. Jason Alistair - Sound-Man
7. Bald Vick - For the support

Thank you very much all of you. By the way, a lot of pictures were taken by the official photographer of Waikiki. If I get my hands on some of them, I'll post them on here as well.

With the love of music,
Devan & Ruf
(on behalf of Vessel of Worship)

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