Monday, April 13, 2009


What a weekend it was? Yes, it was Easter.

This is how the entire weekend went for me. I went back to Melaka on Fri. Reached Melaka at 10.30am, attended Good Friday service at 12.00noon with Tasha - Appa and Amma were already in church by 11.30am.

Appa at the Good Friday Service

Christ Church Melaka Altar - Good Friday

Service finished at about 2.30pm, got back home and we had one of the best vegetarian lunches I have ever had in my life. Amma prepared the best dishes in the world ya'll. Upon returning home, I went to the back of the house and cut some banana leaves. Tasha helped me wash em' and then we were all ready for lunch.

The menu for the day is as follows:-
(a) Par-boiled rice
(b) Dhal curry
(c) Fried spinach
(d) Spicy egg-plant (this is among the only 2 vegetables in the world that I don't eat)
(e) Potato sambal
(f) Pappadams
(g) Venthaya curry
(h) Pudina paste (my mum's recipe)
(i) Pudina pickles (the new one I bought from Balaji KL)


What a meal? After the meal, I just sat in front of the tele and chilled. After that Amma fried some yam for tea. After tea, Tasha headed to her Auntie's place to spend the night. I was at home, watching tele and then Shobs and Balla got home. I only slept at about 3am. Anyway, on Saturday, I promised Amma to help her with the laptop. Amma is learning to check her emails and to type and print reports. In fact, this is more of a refresher course. She knows all of this, but this is just a refresher, so that she is once again familiar with all of this. After that I headed to pick Tasha up from her Aunt's place, cos we had a photo shoot for our family picture at the Church at 5.30pm. Picked her up and then rushed home to bathe and got ready. And then we headed to the Church. After the photo shoot, we got home, had dinner, and then headed to Jonker Walk for a walk and some dessert.

Amma came along with us (Balla, Shobs, Tasha and me). We walked along Jonker and then made a pit stop at Ringo's. He was so glad to see us. It has been such a long time, since we last went to Ringo's. Anyway, we bought a bucket of Tiger (yup, it was already 12 by then). Having my first beer in 40 days was weird. It took me a good 2 hours to finish it. Shobs kept asking me, "why are you taking such a long time to finish it?" Anyway, after all of them had finished their drinks, we took a slow walk back home.

Upon getting back, we rested and then watched some tele. Amma slept as she had to wake up early the next morning. We woke up on Sunday and headed straight to Church. Upon getting to Church, Appa asked me if I was giving a special item - I had not planned to, so I told him no. But then while, I was sitting in the pew, I felt that I should give thanks to the Lord for all his blessings - and then I told Appa that I will be giving an item. I sang this song, 'From Heaven You Came Helpless Babe'. This song is a song which describes the true definition of Christ' life - born, lived and crucified for all of us. Wasn't very satisfied with it, but everyone else seemed to be happy about it - strange! Then again, I am a perfectionist - I am hardly satisfied with my performance all the time.

After Church, got back home and headed to the Hotel to sort the arrangements out. Anyway, spoke to the Maketing and Sales person and sorted out most of the details. There are some minor details that have to be dealt with - will be doing so when we go back on the 25th. But the place has been booked and 70% of the details have been confirmed. We have also confirmed the date of our food tasting. We hope everything will go on well. We hope and pray all plans hereafter will be by His grace and mercy. He has been with us all this while and I know He will continue to be with us.

After that got back home and had lunch. All the bridemaids were at home as the tailor auntie was home. She was measuring and designing their dresses. One of the page boys was also at home. I helped her design his outfit. I hope it will all turn out well. I rested, while Tasha sorted the outfits for the bridesmaids. Then, I woke up to some tele. After that I got ready to leave. Visited Tasha's parents (Unc Krishnasamy & Auntie Lalitha - not forgetting Geeta and Suhasini) and then visited her Aunt (Aunt Rani, Hans, Natasha & Thatha). After that we headed back to KL. Just got bac - it took me a good 1 hour and 15 mins to get back. It was raining for a while, but then it stopped after Nilai.

All in all a wonderful weekend. Now, back to work. I just hope work does not prove to be too much this week. In fact, even if it is, 'whats new?'

Cheers everyone. Have a great week ahead.

God bless.

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