Sunday, April 05, 2009


Saturday, 4th April 2009

Damn, was it tiring yesterday. Well, yesterday was our photo shoot 'day'. Indeed, it was a whole day affair. I went for the thing hoping it would finish by evening, well I thought wrong. Some of the other people who went for this told me that it would finish in 5-6 hours. Hello...... it took an entire day for us. We had 2 indoor shots, then 1 outdoor shot, then 5 indoor shots, another outdoor shot and then 2 more indoor costume shots indoor. Yes, you will be pleased to know that we changed costumes for every shot. Yup, very tiring. But, when we think of it, Tasha and I enjoyed it thoroughly. We went for it feeling rather stressed and sleepy - but eventually, it turned out really well. Now, I just can't wait for the pictures to be printed out in those huge albums and the posters. We will be fixing an appointment with the people at the studio to choose our pictures. I hope to sort it out by this week, so that the pictures can be printed out soon.

Anyway, for all those of you who are planning to get married, please ask us for the contact. This place GTC in Jalan Ipoh is the best. The people are very warm, very helpful - no one is fussy. We were very choosy when it came to costume changes, when it came to Tasha's make up and hairdo - but they were very accomodative of our requests.

Yeah, talking about the photo shoot, it started at about 10.30am and we only finished at 10.15pm. Yup 12 long hours. I have to say, although it was really tiring, we enjoyed the experience going through the whole 9 yards.

Sunday, 5th April 2009

Today was a quiet day. Woke up at about 8am, went to buy breakfast, get a hair cut, wash the car and bought some groceries from Jusco. Upon coming back, had breakfast, chilled with Tasha. Watched tele, then bathed both Caesar and Vasco. Continued watching tele, then came up to have a bath. Strangely, I have not had lunch - oh yes, Tasha made red bean dessert. So I guess that will be tea and to a certain extent dinner as well. We are only planning to have some toast for dinner. Going to take the boys out for a walk later. Upon returning home, plan to have our dinner and then to watch the Man Utd game. This is a game we have to win. Anything lesser than a win, will just bid our title aspirations good bye - it is not so much a bid to win it - we've won it many many times. It is to keep the Championship with us for yet another season. We can win it and we shall.

More tomorrow, I hope. I hope to be able to write about our victory tomorrow.

God bless. Glory Glory Man Utd!

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