Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Week....

It has been a rather interesting start to the new week for me. I have been subject to a lot of work (what is new?) and of course some mind boggling and brainstorming efforts. I have to say that I truly enjoy finding ways and means to make a boring subject interesting. It is easy to merely present an item to a group of people - but it is very challenging to ensure that this group of people are constanly paying attention to your subject. I have found my calling in the endeavour above. I find it exciting to see different characters of people and - all of whom react way differently to each other in the grasping of information.

This is our first week of the ISO 27001 Awareness campaign. We (AO) are in the midst of acquiring the certification of ISMS - Information Security Mgt Systems. We are very fortunate to be the main distributors of this knowledge to the entire centre - particularly to Managed Serviced Desk. We have been undergoing the appropriate trainings and in fact we are still going to be undergoing more trainings to ensure that we are fully equipped with the knowledge needed to pass on this awareness briefings.

Today is Tuesday - Futsal Day 1 - with the IBMers. I can't wait for futsal later tonight. It has truly been a very hectic week and I am up for any rejuvenation. It should be a good 1 hour of futsal. After which I will be taking the boys out for a walk with Tasha and then it is dinner time. I might have to come back into the office later tonight to finish up some work - call & ticket monitorings.

More later tonight - I hope.

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