Monday, March 16, 2009

Back To Work....

Everyone hates Mondays...

Who doesn't? It has been a slow day, but there is much to be completed. I hope the plans that have been laid out work out to complete the abovesaid tasks works to its respective completion. I have been struggling to keep up with all my deadlines as I have been very busily involved with trainings. The thing is if I have training sessions during the week days, I have a shorter time to complete my tasks. With the final training over for ISO 9001:2008, I can now concentrate on my work and focus on completing all the necessary.

Lunch today was different. Went with Xav to Jusco in SK to send his router for repair - so we decided to have lunch in Teppanyaki. For a change, it was good - instead of the normal Penang House or NewTown Cafe or Dengkil, etc. It was nice.

Will be blogging more tonight.

Cheers everyone... and have a great (second-half of a) day ahead!

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