Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It was a rather busy day at work today. We've managed to finalise the Soft Skill Module - it is to be rolled out by mid day tomorrow. Just some minor adjustments to be done on the cosmetics of the document and of course to add in some animations and some pictures as well. Once this is rolled out, it will be something really cool, because this was something that was purely worked on by the Quality Unit. It will be our 'baby'. I just hope and pray that this module manages to cover all the areas that are lacking in some of the Agents on our Managed Service Desk. Anyway, that was work today.

After work, Xav, Nav and I headed to the Cyberjaya Community Club for futsal. We play every Wednesdays with the IBM guys and gals. It is an hour of good exercise. Although, it is challenging when you play with girls, because we have to be very careful when we kick or contact. But I am enjoying the fact that for one to play well here, you have to be purely 'clean' as a player. No tackles or even body contacts are allowed - which is good. So any 'steals' made have to 100% on the ball. This is a good exercise of ensuring you do not even touch the opposition players. Anyway, that was futsal at CCC. After futsal, got back home, had my bath, had dinner and then Tasha and I drove into SK Old Town to buy some fruits. Had some durians and, oh yes, I almost forgot, I bought these 'cincau' jellies. I love them - I cut them into small cubes and make my drink every 2 days (purely so that I won't get bored of it). A very cooling and refreshing drink.

It will be a very tiring day tomorrow, cos' I need to get in at about 8.30am (in order for me to finish up all my work) so that I can leave the office at 7pm. I have futsal with the Subang boys at 8pm. So I hope to get in early. I've got some calls and tickets to monitor and of course, I need to finish up the presentation slides. I also need to ensure that the Weekly PAR Audits are completed and submitted to me.

That's all for now. More tomorrow.

Good night everyone.

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