Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I've been bogged down with work at the office - Soft Skill Training, so I am catching up on my call and ticket monitorings. So, I wanted to do the monitorings when I get back home. The things is all the calls and scorecards are residing on the shared drive and I am able to access it from home. But the thing is now, I am unable to access the USD system from home. Darn it! There is always something that is wrong. I hope I can sort this out by tomorrow cos' this is driving me nuts. I have so much to do and I hope to be able to finish everything on time. I have to submit our Bi-weekly Report this Friday and all monitorings have to be done by then.

Have to get this sorted out with IT tomorrow.

Anyway, got back only at 8.30pm today - oh yes, I got to work at 8.30am. Yup, tell me about it. Good 12 hours at work. But, strangely enough, I am enjoying the challenge of delivery and the constant brain tickling that I have to endure in order to create, modify and review the many documents and reports for analytical and theoretical purposes. I have to admit, it is tiring (for the brains), but it rejuvenates me in a way that is unique.

We have the Soft Skill Training to conduct tomorrow. I will be doing it with my Manager, Devika. I do hope and pray that we will be able to deliver the best training and guidance to all the attendees. We have a big class tomorrow, 11 and 11 on Friday as well. So, I hope and pray everything goes well.

Good night everyone and sleep well.

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