Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ever since I started this new job, I have been able to spend a good deal on exercise. This is something I was so passionate about, but sadly, I couldn't find the time to do so. With the new timing I'm on - Malaysian hours, thank God, I am now able to exercise. Lately, I have been playing futsal (twice a week) and tennis (once a week). To be honest with all of you, I have never felt better. As mentioned before, sports or being actively involved in sporting activities is something I simply could not live without. But due to work commitments, I was unable to participate in any. Although, somehow I did initiate some late night futsal sessions at Cyberjaya after work - i.e. 1.00am.

I have been playing futsal for the past month and I have to say that it has been so exciting. As I mentioned earlier, I play twice a week. Tuesdays in Cyberjaya, with the IBM guys and on Wednesdays in Subang with Nav's friends. I enjoy the sessions with both groups. Firstly, it is a very good workout and secondly, it is a good means of networking. I have met many new friends through this endeavour. On Thursdays, I play tennis with Nav and Nick (speaking of Nick, "when are you going to join us for tennis again ah?"). We (Xav and myself) have been playing tennis for the past 1 month. It has been years since I played, but it is nice to refresh. Although, I have never been a good tennis player, it is a good workout - running around the court and making Xav do the same ;) I have always been a futsal player - even that, I am still coming to terms with the 1 hour non stop sessions we have these days. I still remember, playing with my dear CSC boys for 2 hours - with only a 15 mins break in between. Those were the days la. But I will love to get back the stamina I had - not too long ago.

Just had futsal a while ago. It was a good session. Hope to be able to continue this very good workout routine - weekly. Damn....its getting late. So long everyone, I am going to retire for the day, more tomorrow. Damn, I have so much of work to finish tomorrow.

Wish me luck - I will be glad to leave at 9pm - if I am lucky (btw, I start at 9am). Sigh.

Good night people.

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