Sunday, March 22, 2009

Manchester United....

I have to somewhat agree with Dams when he sent me this message, right after the 2-0 defeat to the Cottagers, and I quote: "....This weekend might just turn out to be great, hehehe". Well, 'great' is an understatement. What the hell was going on in the entire first half of the game? Firstly, the starting line up was wrong - I have always believed that Tevez should have started with Rooney. The entire game would have been different. This is a very painful lesson for the Devils to endure. Losing 2 games in a row - and losing with the victors creating history in their respective successes. Damn this phase! I hate this part of the season - but this is something every team will have to endure. What is important is how a team, wakes up from a double beating that it had to endure within a period of freakin' 7 days. I have a lot of faith in this team - this Manchester United team. It reminds me so much of the team that won the unprecedented TREBLE in 1997. So, to the faithful Devils, do not fret. The best is yet to come. We are feeling the way we are feeling right now, simply because we are not used to losing ever before. Well, we have lost - but never have we lost 2 games running with an average of 2.5 goals to 0. Take it easy - we will bounce back.

In fact, this weekend was rather quiet. Woke up in the morning, spent some time with Vikhram as he was still awake from his mini going-away party last night. Then Tasha woke up and we chilled for a while in the hall watching tv. Surfed the Net for a while and then left to send a picture to a caricature artist to draw a potrait of Unc Krishnan (Vikhram's dad). Well, as most of you know, it is Unc Krishnan's 60th birthday tomorrow. So, this is one of the gifts that Devika and Vikhram are giving him. Upon sending it, went to Devika's house to sort out the presentation slide with Navin. Once that was done, I got back for dinner. Tasha cooked dhal curry, with spicy long beans, pappadums and some pickles. Yup, a good home cooked vegetarian meal. It was yummy - all of that was washed down with 2 big glasses of iced cincau. Yummy - very nice. It was sad that after such a sumptous meal, I had the honour of watching my dear team getting whipped in London. But, it was fine, as I said we will bounce back and bounce back with a vengeance we shall.

More tomorrow after the party. I really hope to post a few pictures as well.

Good night everyone.

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