Monday, March 23, 2009

1st Day Of The Week....

Yup it is a Monday. Being a Monday, I expected the day to go really slowly, but in fact, it went rather fast. I guess it was because I was pre-occupied with the Soft Skill Presentation that I am preparing for the training this Thursday and Friday. Anyway, today upon coming back from work at 6.30pm, bought Caesar & Vasco's food, sent my clothes to the laundry and got back. Took the boys out for a walk, got back, had a quick shower and headed to Universiti Hospital in PJ to visit one of our close family friends who is admitted. Auntie Saro suffered a mild stroke sometime last week. Appa and Amma asked me to go and visit. So, I went and visited her and spent some time with her. Get well soon Auntie Saro.

Upon visiting her, went to Restaurant PJ Baru. This used to be my hangout when I was staying in Sec.14, PJ. I was here almost every weekend - having dinner and drinking the night away. But, ever since I moved to Equine Park, I have never found the time to go eat here. It was so nice and warm that the Auntie Ah So remembers me. She asked me, "what ah boy ah, so long no see leh?" It was such a nice gesture. Hardly do we have such warmth these days. So, we spoke and Auntie gave me a good discount on the dishes I had - very good food though. I have to promote it - very good food.

After that, went to PBB for a while as Tasha had to do some banking and then we returned back to Equine. Just finished some office work and I am off to bed now.

More tomorrow.

Good night.

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