Thursday, December 20, 2007

Melaka & Singapore....

One word - 'tiring'. Damn! The entire weekend started when we left for Melaka in the early hours of Sat morning. We headed to Seremban to drop off the last of the pups. Before that we picked up Pravina from her apartment and headed to Seremban. Met up with Papa Bear at Jusco and passed the pup to him and then we drove straight to Melaka. By the way, Papa Bear will be naming the pup Margie, short for Margarita.
Upon arrival in Melaka, dropped Pravina at Tasha’s parents place and then headed straight home. Amma was waiting for us. Upon having a rest, we headed to the Christmas Dinner at the Christ Church Hall. Dinner was nice; we left early as we promised Aunt Rani that we will be seeing her. Changed, put both the boys (Caesar & Vasco) in the car and headed to Bukit Katil. We didn’t spend much time there as we had to leave at 4am tomorrow. Had a quick drink and came back home.
I didn’t want to sleep as there was risk of oversleeping. Tasha rested for a while. I stayed awake until we bathed, changed and left for Tasha’s parents place. The chartered bus was already there. Once everyone (all the family members) got there we boarded the bus and it was straight to Singapore. Stopped in Yong Peng for a while and then straight to the Tuas Highway. We arrived at the temple by 9.30am. The wedding was at 10am. Met up with Vicknesh and all the other family members who were already there and then the wedding started at sharp 10am. The wedding was a long and elaborate ceremony. I have never been to a Hindu wedding, so it was nice to see all the small ceremonies and rituals that were carried out.
Once the wedding was over, we had one of the best vegetarian banana leaf lunches I have ever eaten. Very nice. After lunch we went to Vicknesh’s house for a while and then headed straight back to Melaka. We only left Singapore at 7pm, got back to Melaka by 11pm. The bus dropped us off at Tasha’s parents’ again. We drove back to the Vicarage. I promised Uncle John & Aunt Rani that I will be going over to watch the Liverpool v Man Utd game there, so I packed some food and went there for dinner. Tasha was too sleepy to she stayed back.
After dinner, got home, changed and we headed back to KL. Yes, I drove back to KL on the same day. Very tiring. Pravs followed us back as well. As soon as we got back to Seri Kembangan, I just had a cold shower and knocked off, woke up only at 2pm the next day. On the whole it was a good trip. Please see the pics below of the engagement.


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