Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pups For Adoption....

On Tuesday, I went to the Pet Family Store in Taman Megah to buy Caesar's & Vasco's food and supplies. At the entrance of the shop, I saw 6 cute lil' puppies lying down on the floor next to a kennel - there was a sign on the kennel that read: "Please Adopt Us. Someone Left Us Here". I asked the owner what had happened, he said when he came in to open the shop for business, the pups were already there in a box, getting wet in the rain. How could someone be so cruel? These pups did not do anything, they are so innocent.
Anyway, I told the owner that I will take all of them home. I quickly bought whatever I needed and left. The staffs at the shop helped me put all of them in a big box and I took them back. There were 5 females and 1 male. I had 6 pups in total, damn! I took them home not even knowing if I could find any homes for them, but I was confident that I could somehow find them homes.
As soon as we got back, gave all of them milk. I actually bought a milk bottle, and slowly fed all of them. They slept. But I realised that the male one was not looking too good. Tasha spent a lot of time with him. Putting him on ler lap, feeding him every now and then, playing with him and all. Then she left for work. When I came back from work, the 5 females were fine. But the male one, had died :(
I was so sad. I had tears in my eyes as we had spent so much of our time caring for him. We had a soft spot for him as he was the most loving among all 6 of them. Anyway, I cleaned the place he was in.
In the office I highlighted the plight to everyone I came into contact with. Kristina and Xiao Wan agreed to adopt one of them. They came to my place and took her, she was the white one with grey patches. I fed the others and slept. When I came downstairs to get ready to go to work, another female one had died :(
I tore me apart to see them dying one by one. But there was nothing I could do to stop it from happening. The pups were taken away from their mum too early. From what I can see, they are hardly 2 months old. Possibly, just a month old. Tasha and I did everything possible to care, feed and shower them with love. One of Tasha's colleagues (Shaun) has agreed to adopt one of the pups. That leaves us with 2 more pups which are up for adoption.
We're looking for good homes for these lovely fur-kids. Please call us soon as we need to find them homes. Here are the pictures.

The 2 of them

Again the 2 of them

These are all 3 of them

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