Monday, December 31, 2007

Vasco Is Missing :(

I got a call from Tasha when I was in Ipoh. She said Vasco ran away. I was shocked. She was in the hall of our house when she heard Caesar barking. When she came out, she saw knew something was wrong. She started calling his name, but no answer. So, she took Caesar and they drove around the entire neighbourhood of Lestari Perdana and the neighbouring tamans of Lestari Perdana, but they did not find him.
Upon returning back from Ipoh at 7pm, she picked me up from Pudu and we went around looking for Vasco till about 12mn, but we still did not find him. We asked around, some of our neighbours said they saw him walking around 1/2 an hour ago, some saw him crossing the road, but when we go back to the same place, we don't see him. We have left our numbers around, we just hope and pray our dear Vasco comes home.
This is my first post on our loss. I will be printing some posters and putting them around in Seri Kembangan. To all those who live in Seri Kenbangan, please keep us informed if you see him anywhere.
Our numbers are 016-6877547 & 016-3536107.
Thank you very much.=

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