Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Thank you everyone for all your prayers and support to us during this hard time. This is how it happened - I woke up early today, to go around putting up posters of Vasco. So, as I was doing that, I happened to pass by our Vet Clinic. I walked in and told the helper that I would like to put up this poster. And he asked me if Caesar was missing, I said no, it was Vasco. He asked again, "isn't Vasco the Beagle". I said yes, then he ran in and got the Vet. Dr Ho our Vet came out and told me that Vasco was rescued on Sunday at about 3pm. He was rescued by a foreman who has an exhaust pipe shop next to the Vet. He took Vasco home, fed him and in fact bathed him as well. He alerted the Vet that he has this dog with him and told the Vet if the owners come searching for him to tell them that he has the dog.
So when we got there, the Vet arranged for us to go to his house and there was Vasco. He was so excited when he saw us that he jumped right into my arms. Poor fellow was so traumatised by what had happened that he was still not himself. Tasha slowly carried him into the car and then he slowly started being himself - the rascal he is. Tasha and I were so moved by his (Ah Yong) act of kindness. We had informed so many people to pray that he will be safe or that someone had taken care of him. God really answered our prayers.
I would like to personally thank all the good people below for your never ending phone calls, messages and concern:-
Our dear Lord Jesus for guarding him and guiding him back to us
Amma - for your prayers and your prophesy that Vasco will return
Shobanam - for your prayers
Brenda - for your prayers and for making me feel so calm and relaxed
Caesar - for constantly coming by and licking my face whenever I was in tears
Kristina & Xiao Wan - for your support
Veke-Brakes, Vicky-Premier Foods & Vikhram - for your constant calls of care
Norman - for your prayers and support
Kamal - for encouraging me
Auntie Rani - helping me keep my fingers crossed
Geeta & Vicknesh - for praying with me for his safe return
Dush - for your calls and support
Devan, Tasha & Caesar
(The Family of Vasco)

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Shobie Shobs said...

I am just so overjoyed. Another miracle! First Caesar and now Vasco. This is a hidden message bro..

It could mean...a new N73 phone for your sis perhaps?? Hmm...what say you?


I am so the happy..