Monday, January 28, 2008

What A Win....

Glory Glory Man Utd!

It was an awesome win for the Red Devils against Spurs. Coincidentally, this was the same team that beat the Gunners last week during the Carling Cup 2nd leg semi finals. The aggregate scoreline of 6-2 (2nd leg result - 5-1). Well, the Gunners keep saying that it was not an important cup for them, or the players were the young squad and so on. But we have sent a clear message across the entire Premier League that we mean business.

I was watching the game in Souled Out with my cousins and some friends (Rufus, Risberg, Foong and Mark). What a game it was! Damn! Christiano Ronaldo with 2 goals and Tevez with a goal. I truly admire, how the Devils turned the entire game around, even after going down 0-1 in the early stages of the game. The goal by Robbie Keane was merely a motivational factor for the boys to run a riot. Watching it, I thought, we would win it by at least a 3 goal difference. But I was very happy with the result.

Keep it up my Reds and we are on course to win the treble. Is the treble an over-ambitious dream? Today, I will say, NO! It is achievable!

Glory Glory Man Utd!

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