Monday, January 21, 2008

Malaysian K9 Day....

This time I was given very short notice. Normally, I would have known about the show weeks in advance, but I only knew about the show a couple of days before the show. But we made it to the show and it was Vasco's first dog show. To our suprise, he was very well behaved - in fact it was Caesar who was the moody one. I guess he wasn't used to having Vasco share the limelight with him. Whenever we go for dog shows, Caesar is always the centre of attraction, but this time, it seems as if he had the share it, not cool as far as Caesar is concern.

We were at the grounds of Central Park in Bandar Utama by 8.45am - Bradley, Ida and Anne (Tasha's friends) came along. We had Caesar and Vasco in our car. Upon arriving, we registered and then we watched all the shows. The K9 show by the Royal Malaysian Police Force was really good. There were also a lot of other shows - Waggiest Dog Contest, Obedience Test, Best Looking Male /Female Dog and so on.

As we had our hands full (with both the boys) I could not take any pictures. But please look out for the updates on - the pictures should be updated within the next 2 days.

In fact, Anne took some pictures as well - I will update soon, once I get the pictures of course.

On the whole, it was a very good event. Congratulations to all the organisers of the Malaysian K9 Day who made the event a memorable one for all of us (including all our fur-kids)!

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