Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Boys Playing....

We were sitting and watching tv on Sunday just before we left for Church. The two boys were getting on each others nerves and it tickled the both of us so much, that I started snapping away. It started off by Vasco coming in the house and playfully biting Caesar. Now, you see, Vasco is never allowed in the house, unless he is monitored very carefully as he bites everything he sees. However, this time he just ran in and caught us by suprise. So, while he was in, there was mayhem - some of which were captured on camera. Enjoy!
Tasha holding Vasco as he never stays put

Both the boys wrestling

The winner gets up and goes around smelling the opponent - The Sniff of Victory

My 2 sons, Caesar and Vasco

Vasco thinks he is tall enough to reach the tap to drink the water :)

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