Friday, February 29, 2008


It has been such a long time since I last played futsal. I injured my back (ruptured 2 discs on my backbone) while playing sometime in 2007 and I have not been able to return to the game ever since. Well, honestly, I attempted to, but I actually aggravated the injury further. So, I had been undergoing physio, chiro sessions and I have been doing my own physio exercises at home.

By God's grace, I do feel a lot better after the continuous gym work-outs I have been doing. Oh yeah, I will be returning to the gym soon. Will be starting gym work from Monday onwards. I've been eating a lot and I can feel myself tightening up. So, it is time to lose all those unwanted baggage I'm carrying around.

I suggested to the guys to play futsal and everyone agreed unanimously. In fact, last week we played basketball. It is a good work out, especially now that we hardly exercise. My only exercise is walking with Caesar and Vasco, well, actually running with them. I had started the jog with the boys about 2 months back and I am still doing it, but it is nothing like futsal. So, we have managed to book the court and we will be playing tonight after work. Can't wait for it.

Hope we can keep this up. At least a good 2 hours cardio work out every Friday after work.

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