Monday, February 18, 2008

Man Utd 4 - Arsenal 0

OMG! What a game it was over the weekend! I had not planned to go out on Sat as I wanted to just chill out at home, have my baked fish, a fruit punch (my all time favourite - Pineapple and ice-cream soda) and some chopped fruits. But, the boys wanted to go and chill, so I agreed. Since I am on abstinence (due to Lent) - well, to those who don't know, I am abstaining myself from red meat and any form of alcohol. I thought it would be difficult for me to get through it, but God has been very gracious. He has been guiding me to stay away from both of the above. Anyway, getting back to the game, we met at T-Club - watched the 2nd half of the Liverpool v Barnsley (1-2 loss, at Anfield) game and then on to the Man Utd v Arsenal game. I believe the star of the Liverpool v Barnsley game was the former Man Utd youngster - Luke Steele. The string of superb saves he made, kept the Championship outfit in the match. My deepest sympathies to the Pudlians, you deserve to at least qualify for the quarters. What a pity! I hope you guys will do well in the Champions League. Although I am an United die-hard, I have a special place in my heart for Liverpool - for its beautiful tradition in English football. It is sad the way the club is struggling at the moment. My very best to the Pudlians.

Among those present were: Paul Michael, Michelle, Peter Michael, Vikhram, Brenda, Remy and myself - oh yeah, I knew I missed out someone - there was another gentlemen, Michelle's friend.

It started off by the Red Devils attacking from all corners. My Men of the Match were Nani & Darren Fletcher. Although Portuguese got carried away with his snowboating skills, which were rather unnecessary, but he played exceptionally well. In fact, he was instrumental in the supplying of all the goals. It started off with Wayne Rooney, the one by Fletcher, a power strike by Nani just before half time and upon the commencement of the second half, another by Fletcher. I believe, the Gunners were thrashed to biscuits at the Theatre of Dream, or should I say 'The Gunners Were Gunned Down'. This is a very positive result for the Devils as we need to revive our spirits especially after the derby loss last weekend. This has inevidently revived the entire team.

It is my hope and prayer that none of the top 16 players get injured. It should be a good ending of the season. Now, I believe the Premiership can go anywhere between the likes of Arsenal (although I am not too sure about that after yesterday's performance), the Devils (of course) and the Blues (Chelsea). United cannot afford to lose any more games. We have lost enough games for this entire season. Now, it is just time to win and keep winning big. We need big goal differences as it may come down to goal differences - the way I see it.

This is a good preparation as we near the Champion League knock-out game on Wed against Lyon. Come on my dear United, let us dream the 'Treble Dream'. I believe we were exactly at this phase in 1999 when Roy Keane said, "The treble is a realistic dream". Let us do it again and be the ONLY club in Europe to win a treble 2 times in less than a decade.

Glory Glory Man Utd!

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