Tuesday, February 05, 2008

PD Trip....

What a trip it was! Damn!

We had so much of fun. Among the guys who went are: Paul Michael (D'Organiser), Vicky Raja (Co-Organiser), Zack (Official Photographer), Vikhram & Lionel (Birthday Boys), Ramesh, Ram, Veke Rama, Viji, Harith & me'self.

We left KL at about 11.00am and we reached PD at about 1pm. Met up with Vicky who was already in PD, for lunch at this Curry Leaf Restaurant. Very good food I must say. Ate some and then headed straight to the Bayu Beach Resort to collect the keys. Upon doing so, we went to Vicky's house for a drink and then bought all our supplies. Then straight to Bayu Beach Resort.

We started off by getting all the food organised, drinks ready and ice chilled. While we were chilling in the apartment we had some home made mutton perattel prepared by Vikhram's mum. Awesome mutton you'all. Thank you Auntie Krishnan for the lovely mutton. Then, all of us headed to the beach for some exciting Beach Football. It has been a while since I played beach football, so it was fun. The 'Dream Team' of Paul Michael (Captain), Zack, Harith, Viji, Veke and myself soundly beat the 'Other Team' of Ram (Captain), Vikhram, Vicky, Lionel and Ramesh - victory of 3-0. What a game la! Some of the guys wanted to go up and chill, but the others had to go for a swim in the beach. So, we went for a dip. It was nice to cool down after such a long day. Oh yes, did I mention, I have not slept ever since I finished work on Fri as we had a long night out, then got back to prepare all the items and by then Lionel came and we left.

Anyway, after the swim, headed back for a bath, got ready and headed down to the beach for the BBQ. Paul's mum took the trouble to marinate all the lamb and chicken. Thank you very much Auntie Anthonysamy for the ever so lovely marination. While we were starting the fire for the pit, the rain came and went. When we started cooking, again the rain came and went. I was praying that the rain will stop. Well, when we were half way through the BBQ, the rain came again and this time it stopped for good - thank God.

We ate chicken, lamb, sausages and not forgetting drank the bottles and bottles of Chivas Regal that were at the site. At the beach, we finished 1 1/2 bottles, but upon returning to the apartment the other 2 1/2 were finished. While we were drinking at the apartment, I was really feeling too tired, so I retired for the night, while the other boys continued till the wee hours of the morning.

I was only up the next day by 12 noon, had a bath and actually went back to sleep. Very nice sleep I had - hmmmm, nice. The boys were not happy about it as I retired early the night before, well not really early la, I retired about 1am - but remember I have been drinking since 9.30pm. I am merely defending myself here against all the 'verbal assaults' I have been getting ever since Sunday. Anyway, we checked out of the apartment and then headed to Vicky's house for lunch. Uncle and Auntie Rajaswaran were so welcoming. Thank you very much Uncle and Auntie Rajaswaran. Auntie prepared some lovely lunch for us - rice, dhalcha (mutton), chicken perratel, mutton varuvel, cabbage and french beans. Very nice lunch.

After lunch, Auntie insisted that we stayed for tea, had some tit bits and then headed back to KL. It was a nice drive back. Left PD at about 5pm and reached KL at 7pm. It was slightly jammed along the North-South expressway, but it was just along Nilai, after that it was smooth.

All in all an excellent trip. I thank you Paul, Vicky, Vikhram (driving me back), Lionel (driving me to), Veke, Ramesh, Ram, Viji, Zack & Harith for inviting me to join all of you for this ever so memorable trip. It is truly one of the best things that has happened to me this year. Once again, thank you my dear brothers.

All the pics that were taken at PD:-

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Anonymous said...

Er Hmm.... As you'll can see, the blogger himself went to bed early, so the story was cut short. There were so much more that happened after Mr. Devan went to sleep. So Mr Devan, hope you enjoyed the Bed, Pillows and Aircond you had. You were well taken care of for being the oldest old man in our group... hahaha. Cheers mate. - Paul Michael