Monday, February 25, 2008

Red Devils 5 - Magpies 1

Good one eh!

From the time Rooney scored in the 25th, I had this gut feeling that it was going to be one of those nights. Being 0-2 up in the going into the 2nd half was comfortable enough - however, when 3 more came by the 90th minute, I couldn't ask for more. Superb play by Cristiano Ronaldo, again. If the players play the way they played on Sun morning, we have a good, or I must say a very good chance at winning the Premiership.

Having the Gunners draw against Birmingham City, we had a good chance of reducing their lead in the table. From a possible 8 point, we are currently down to 3 points. I hope we can continue our charge and keep winning all the matches. I have come to realise that it is not the big wins that enabled a team to win championships, but being consistent in every game. It is not easy to stay consistent - game after game. With all the injuries affecting every team as the season closes, it continually becomes tough on the managers to toggle between players and ensure they do not burn out.

It was sad to see how Eduardo da Silva was rushed into emergency surgery after a sickening tackle from Birmingham defender Martin Taylor in Saturday's Barclays Premier League match at St Andrews. According to the physio, Tim Allardyce, Eduardo was very lucky to have been immediately treated on the pitch as any delay in attending to such an injury would likely result in amputation. My deepest sympathies to the young star who had a very good season with the Gunners. I hope he recovers soon. We all know this is a serious injury and it takes approximately 9 months for full recovery. My sincere prayers goes out to you Eduardo.

Hope to see better games in the weeks to come and hopefully no more serious injuries like the above.

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