Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Glory Glory Man Utd!

Any ManUtd fan who did not watch the game early this morning is unworthy to call him/herself an MU fan. The game was AWESOME! Manchester United 7 and AS Roma 1. Yes, it is not a typo. 7-1 was the scoreline. Manchester United won with an aggregate of 8-3 to book ourselves a place with the Semi-Finals of the UEFA Champions League. Braces by Carrick & Ronaldo and singles by Rooney, Smith and Evra. What a night it was at Old Trafford - where dreams do come true. The Theatre of Dreams was again the venue for yet another glorious win for the Red Devils.

I was watching it in the office with a group of ardent football fans - some Liverpools (Raj & Kamal), Chelsea (Rems) and my fellow warriors of the Red Army (Shamsuri & Jay). We were the 'so-called' underdogs going into the 2nd leg of the QF match-up. But after the first goal, I had this gut feeling that we were going into the semis. The forthcoming goals after that, pretty much silenced the duo (Raj & Kamal). Hehehehehe!!

While we were glued to the tele, my friend Mark who is on work in Manchester, smses me and tells me that he is watching the game at Old Trafford. Arrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!! To make things even more irritating, he is an Arsenal fan. Damn! How lucky some people are.

A new star is born in the midfields of the Red Devils - Michael Carrick. An awesome display by Giggs and Ronaldo. I believe, they mastered the entire attack for Man Utd. We hope to see the same performances in all three tournaments (Premiership, FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League) from the Devils.

Glory Glory Man Utd!

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